The story is about a girl called Ocean Moon. Ocean is under pressure to be liike everyone else. As a young girl, Ocean had a unique sense about her, but now she wants to follow the crowd, to be like the pretty, popular girls. Ocean is soon under the influence of bullying, not because of the way she thought, which was ugly and fat, but because she was genuinely beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Ocean soon gains the favour of the most popular girl in school, and starts to compare herself with them. Also the girls in miss populars group are the kind who peer presure. Ocean is up for a LONG ride. On the other half of this tory, a girl called Midnight is strugglin to cope with the fact that her sister has cancer. The battle with cancer is tough on us all, but there are more problems that Midnight will encounter...


8. Saying Goodbye.

Hello. this is my last chapter. Yes, it's me, Midnight. I'm at the hospital. Mum and I are weeping. It's the picture of a casualty, isn't it? except this is not just a casualty, this is a near disaster. This is the last day of my sisters life. Mum and I are clutching her hands. Mascara is running down both of our faces. The supermarket have given mum her job back, now that they've worked out why she comes here so often. Come to think of it, I can't imagine why this is the hospital Angel had to come to. It's so bleak, like a prison. A prison of death. Angel will be happy in heaven though. she'll be a little Angel, to match her name. I'm so sorry Angel, if you can hear me. I just want you to know, how much I really am sorry........*gasp. Angel! her eyes...they're open! Angel opens her little mouth and says, "Mid..night...It...wasn't...your fault. Mummy.....I'm sorry....tell my friends....I miss...them." Mum cries openly, and so do I. Our hands are clasped tighter, and this time she holds back. Her grip becomes weaker and weaker.....Until her body is limp, and her hands are cold. Her face is paler than usual, and the tears start pouring. I rest my head on her still body, and weep. When I awake, the nurses hand my some scissors and say softly that I can cut a lock of her hair of. As I cut it, I remember all the good times Angel and I had. I kiss Angel's fore-head and whisper a thousand goodbyes. I stroke the lock of hair in my hand and sing a hymn we learnt at school. But I want to send a message out to those who are reading this. Although your loved one is a dying person, don't think about life without them, think about life with them now. enjoy their company and do lots of things so you can have good memories. I'm not saying that all cancer patients die though, I'm saying that in case they do, enjoy your life with them at the moment.



The End x


P.S Hope my story inspired you all.

by Sabrina Thomson, aged 12.

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