The story is about a girl called Ocean Moon. Ocean is under pressure to be liike everyone else. As a young girl, Ocean had a unique sense about her, but now she wants to follow the crowd, to be like the pretty, popular girls. Ocean is soon under the influence of bullying, not because of the way she thought, which was ugly and fat, but because she was genuinely beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Ocean soon gains the favour of the most popular girl in school, and starts to compare herself with them. Also the girls in miss populars group are the kind who peer presure. Ocean is up for a LONG ride. On the other half of this tory, a girl called Midnight is strugglin to cope with the fact that her sister has cancer. The battle with cancer is tough on us all, but there are more problems that Midnight will encounter...


2. Love.

My names Midnight Gail. My name is NOT weird! Don't judge me! I'm sorry. I have these weird tendencys to have outbursts off anger. My little sister is sitting like a little angel. Only thats not my sister at ALL. No, my little sister is a little princess to the adults while im like an ogre or something. she's "sooo well mannered" or "so polite!" or "a little angel" or "isn't she perfect!" but that is not my sister. my sister is an evil little devil. she pinches, she scratches, she bites, she kicks, but she does it ever so slyly, like when mums head is turned she'll reach her little fingers out a go *pinch* or *kick* and I'll scream and get told of for plagueing my little sister! It's cause mum always thinks its the ANGEL who is screaming. huh. this morning was no different from other. I left the house for school, mum and Angel (her name is Angelica but people just call her angel. and i really am being serious.) left for nursery. It was cross country in P.E and so we were all running and then I over took everyone. I won the race, and I think all the girls were seriously riled up. One of them, Karen, came up to me and said, "who do you think you are? you think you're so much better than us, don't you?" I was taken aback. What the heck? all I'd done was win a race! then i realised that this was Karen we were talking about. Karen likes to be the center of attention and she likes to win everything. I stood up and said, "I'm sorry what? all i did was win a race. That is seriously an over-reaction!" As Karen backed down, I began to feel a warm glow steal over me. I had stood up to Karen! There was admiration in the girls eyes as they spoke to me, as no one ever stood up to Karen. Then Miss Karney ran in. I'm looking for Midnight Gail? I looked up. Miss Karney only ever comes to see us if there's an emergency. "Midnight I'm so sorry" she said, sympathetically. My heart was pumping. "yes?" I whispered "It's your little sister. She...she was just playing normally at nursery when torrents of blood came pouring down her nose and then she was rolling on the floor, having a fit, it was horrible you have to believe me...." I couldn't hear Miss Karney after the words blood and fit. Everyone was looking at me for reaction. My voice was nothing more than a whisper, and two fat tears rolled down my cheeks. "when may I see her?" I croaked. Miss Karney's eyes were filled with tears and her voice was soft. "I'm so sorry Midnight, but your sister is in a...a..coma. The doctor says she..she has a month." I let myself fall to the ground, then darkness stole over my eyes. I embraced these shadows and felt nothing.

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