The story is about a girl called Ocean Moon. Ocean is under pressure to be liike everyone else. As a young girl, Ocean had a unique sense about her, but now she wants to follow the crowd, to be like the pretty, popular girls. Ocean is soon under the influence of bullying, not because of the way she thought, which was ugly and fat, but because she was genuinely beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Ocean soon gains the favour of the most popular girl in school, and starts to compare herself with them. Also the girls in miss populars group are the kind who peer presure. Ocean is up for a LONG ride. On the other half of this tory, a girl called Midnight is strugglin to cope with the fact that her sister has cancer. The battle with cancer is tough on us all, but there are more problems that Midnight will encounter...


1. Target.

"Oh look who it is girls." Uh oh. Karla. My heart is pounding in my chest, my breathing heavy. I try to walk past them, but Karla sticks her foot out, tripping me up. "Here ugly let me help you up." She smirks and grabs my wrist with horrible, long,red finger nails. Her nails dig in, making little half moon marks. "ouch!" I cry out in pain. Karla and all her cronies laugh. they take pleasure in seeing me hurt. Of course, I know I'm ugly. I have bluish black hair that falls dow my back. it's quite shiny. I have bright green eyes like a cat's and my nails are all nibbled. I usually have bags under my eyes and little red veins in my eyes. Mum says It's because I don't get enough sleep. Well I'm to busy thinking of ways to avoid Karla to sleep. Karla is prettier. She has hazel coloured hair and Chocolate brown eyes, which can peirce through you. She has little freckles on her face and a pointy face and teeth. More often than not her face is caked in make-up, mascara, foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, bronzer, you name it, she's got it. she is sporting a new Pauls Boutique hand bag and jacket and wears little platformed shoes, no doubt designer. Her hair is neatly curled and she is skinny as a rake. Her hair has a fancy hairband in it from and she is wearing a sterling silver necklace with a matching ring. Also she bears a pure gold charm bracelet which her boyfriend, Marc, gave her. She is very rich. The scent of summer berries wafts into my nose and I try to resist the temptation of sneezing. She see's my face as a grimance and she chinese burns my wrist. "you and I are going to have a little get together at lunch. Be at the bike shelter by 12 or regret it." with that, she storms off. I breathe a sigh of relief. My satchel vibrates with noise and I snatch it out of my bag, hands trembling. It was mum. Have a great day sweet heart, and don't spend all your lunch money! I smiled to myself, then it disappeared as i thought of lunch time. what was Karla planning to do? I know I should tell someone about Karla, but Karlas so popular! The teachers will all take her side. They will say "Really Ocean I'm disappointed you would make such false aligations about the nicest girl in your class! Man has Karla got them all suckered. I've been a nervous wreck all day. I had English. Mildly interesting. I decided to try hard with the story we were meant to write. I put shaky hands to paper and began to write.

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