One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


32. The Moment We've Been Waiting For

My stomach feels like it’s in my mouth. Everyone stops and I daren’t move a muscle. I daren’t even look at Zoe, because I know she doesn’t know what’s been going on.

“What’s going on?” Zoe asks. “Becca are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine, I’m ok,” Becca says, assuring Zoe that everything is alright.

“What happened?”

“I fell; I wasn’t watching where I was going”

“Oh ok, Laura what happened?” Laura and I make eye contact; I can see the innocence glistening in her eyes.

“Becca fell, I fell, Sara fell, it was quite funny actually,” Laura says laughing.

“What happened to your nose?”

“Oh that, I fell face first onto a table, Sam and Steph caught me it was just funny really” I look towards the door, freedom awaits me outside. Rachel and Kelly hold me tighter as they sense I am going to run away. Now I look at Zoe, she has the same facial features as Kay does, I can see how we are all related. I look towards the door, Emma has gone, the coward.

“Why are the tables and chairs pushed over?”

“Funny story, we were just running around having some fun then Sara accidentally pushed them over, when you walked in we were just to put them back to normal” I’m gonna kill her, I’m gonna kill Emma.

“I’m gonna kill her,” I whisper. An adrenaline rushes throughout my body; I push Rachel and Kelly off me. I jump over the chairs and tables and sprint down the corridors.

“Where’s she going?” Zoe’s voice echoes. As I sprint down the corridors, tears flow down my face. I feel so sorry for Zoe, but at the same time I have a vengeance to kill Emma. Bursting through the doors a gust of wind strikes my face. I am staring at freedom in the face. The main doors are closing slowly.

“No!” I yell and sprint to the doors. Jumping through the gap I land on my front.

“Sara,” someone says. I get up, and see Emma standing next to the doors. 

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