One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


6. The Bullet

Realising that Amy could be back any second; I zip my overall back up, go out the bathroom and climb up the poles to my room. Walking over to my bed I kick my shoes off, go on the bed and cower in the corner. The door then opens, and in walks Amy carrying some things.

“Hey,” she says, I got here just in time. As she gets close I can she is holding two bottles of water, two packets of plain hula hoops and two galaxy chocolate bars. I know that some of them are for her, then suddenly realise how hungry I actually am. She sits next to me and makes herself comfortable.


“Sara, come here,” she says edging towards me. She unzips my overall, and pulls down the t-shirt on my left arm to reveal the bullet. I look away to avoid eye contact. “It was itchy wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I mumble nodding my head. “You’re going to tell Emma aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not going to tell her anything – come on eat” picking up the bottle of water beside me, I analyse what it says. Vittel, in red writing and has a blue cap.

“Sara, drink” I obey her orders, I unscrew the cap and let the water trickle down my throat. It is refreshing and feels like a part of life has re entered my body. As I finish the bottle I feast my eyes on the packet of crisps. Ripping it open some of them fall on the bed.

“Hmm,” I whisper and Amy laughs. I pick them up and eat them, in seconds I eat the whole packet. Now, I turn to the galaxy bar. This time, I open the packet carefully, and eat the bar in one. I lie back feeling full.

“That ok?” Amy asks.

“Yeah,” I say looking towards the door. I could walk out, but I daren’t.

“Sara” she gestures that she wants me to go over to her. So I edge close, she puts one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my shoulder. “Later on Emma’s going to – “

“No,” I say twitching, but she holds me.

“No, no, not that Emma - she only wants to talk to you”

“She’s going to hurt me”

“No hey – she only wants to talk, nothing else”

“You know what she’s like – she’s going to do something”

“Hey, Sara, she’s not going to hurt you, she will come up here any time soon and I’m going to stay with you ‘cos I know what you’re like” We smile at each other. At that moment the door opens and Amy pushes me back and I fall back on the bed bouncing back up. Emma walks in, and shuts the door behind her. She walks over to us and kneels on the ground, as if she was going to talk to a baby.

“Sara, can you tell me what Emma and Kay said before?” she asks, trying to sound all nice.

“They... they were taking the mick ‘cos Emma gave me a hard sheet to do – and laughed at me” rubbing my lips together I try not to cry, and Emma stares at me blankly.

“Really, are – are you serious?”

“Yeah – I - I thought they were planning something – but - oh I don’t know” I dig my face into my hands again, trying not to cry.

“They were saying to me she was making the comments” alarmed at this, I sit up.

“What – Kay – she says anything – she threat- oh whatever” and again dig my face into my hands trying not to cry.

“What – Sara – what tell me?” there is now a pause between us. Do I dare tell? Kay would kill me if she found out.

“Sara,” Amy says taking my right hand, “Sara come on” there is still a pause... dare I?

“It’s Kay she threatens me,” there, I said it.

“What?” Emma and Amy say at the same time.

“She says things like – you’re going to kill me – and I should stay up here all the time, now she’s saying you’re planning to murder me – “ I can’t say any more, I curl up, and this time cry into my hands.

“Right – I’m going to find Kay,” Emma says. A take a deep breathe in, and wipe the tears away on my arm. I look up; both Emma and Amy have left. Oh no, Kay is going to get me now, and I know it. Slowly I stand up and put my shoes on. Turning to face the wall I put my hands on my head and close my eyes.

“Hoi,” someone yells. Alarmed, I turn to see Kay walking over to me. “Sara what the hell did you tell Emma and Amy for?” she grabs my neck and drags me out the room.

“Ah, I didn’t tell them anything,” I say.

“Don’t lie Sara, didn’t I teach you that?”

“No – you – “then she pushes me, face first onto the metal steps. Tumbling down the steps I get battered and bruised and then land on a wall, facing Kay. 

“Kay what the hell is the matter with you?” someone yells. Looking around frantically I see that it is Emma on the right of me.

“Sara are you ok?” someone asks, I turn left and see it is Amy.

“Yeah,” I mutter.

“Look right – she fell bless her- ,” Kay says slurring her words, I think she is drunk.

“Kay, we saw you grab her neck and push her,” Emma yells.

“Oh I wouldn’t do that to my own – oh look at her,” Kay says walking down the steps.

“Kay you’re drunk – come with me,” Emma grabs her by the arm and takes her down the mentor corridor.

“I’m not drunk,” Kay’s voices echoes. I go to stand up.

“Hey, hey,” Amy says pushing me back down. “Right ok, I’ll get you cleaned up” she helps me stand, takes me around the corner and the first door on the left, the first aid room. She opens the door, and lets me in first. There are cabinets in front of me, I turn left and at the end of the room is a black leather sofa bed attached to the wall and above it, is some cabinets. On the left attached to the wall is a sink, and some counters.

“Sit down,” Amy says touching my shoulder. I walk over to the bed and sit down; she goes into a cabinet above me and pulls something out. She has pulled out an antiseptic wipe. “Ok, stay still and this won’t hurt”

“Ok,” I mutter backing away a little. She puts it to my face, I twitch.

“Sara come on stay still” she puts her other hand on the back of my neck to keep me still. As she wipes the blood away my face stings badly. “There we go - all done” and rubs my nose to finish off. “Come one” I stand up, and she leads me out. As we walk out, something catches my eye, I see Rebecca. Quickly I run around the corner.

“Sara,” Amy yells after me. Then, at the top of this corridor, I see Emma, the Emma who I nearly killed.

“Sara,” she screams. Panicking, I sprint up the stairs and into my room. I slam the door and put my back against it, acting like a barrier. Then, it opens, and I roll to the right hiding behind it.

“Hey,” someone yells. It’s Emma; she’s come back ravenous with revenge.

“Aah,” I yelp. She grabs me, and I hover in the air for a second.

“I swear to God I’m going to kill you,” she yells, but then pauses. An adrenaline rushes around my body, giving me the energy to say something.

“Go on then,” I shout, “Go on, put me out my misery” she only stares at me, looking like she doesn’t want to do anything. “Go on”

“God,” she lets me drop to the ground and then leaves.

“Well hey” I quickly get up and follow her. Outside Rebecca and Amy are at the bottom of the steps. “Go on, you said you were going to kill me”

“Sara... just shut up,” Emma says grabbing her hair in frustration.

“No, no you said you were going to – I’m waiting”

“Sara – don’t”

“Don’t what, come on just kill me things would be better for everyone around here and we all know it”

“Sara – please – shut up – “and now she walks down the steps.

“You shouldn’t say that you will do something and then not do it” Rebecca and Amy exchange looks with each other. “Well someone kill me please” I scream at the top of my voice.

“Sara I suggest you calm down now,” Amy screams.

“Calm down, calm down,” I shout. “You tell me to be calm, you can’t be calm in this place, people telling you what to do when to do, we never get the freedom to do anything, no fresh air no anything and you tell me to be calm”

“Sara,” Amy screams again coming up the steps.

“What – what – what are you going to do?” then before anything else can happen I grab the bar to the right of me, jump, and slide down the pole.

“Sara,” Rebecca screams. Emma goes down the mentor corridor.

“Hoi,” I yell, “I ain’t finished” I see the back of her head, but I can tell she is distressed. “Emma – Emma - Emma” I feel like taunting.

“Sara,” Rebecca and Amy are yelling after me.

“Sara - go back, Emma will catch you,” Emma says turning around.

“Ooh Emma will catch me, ooh what is she going to do throw me in the slammer with Danielle and let me suffer, oh whatever am I going to do?” I ask sarcastically.

“Sara for God’s sake come here,” Amy says trying to control me.

“Ooh I know this, reverse psychology you’re saying to go back but you really want me to go the other way” I point to where Emma is standing, I am quite enjoying this. Walking over to Emma I dodge past her.

“Sara,” Emma says getting angry. “Do you want Emma to catch you?”

“You know it’s funny you say that – ‘cos I do actually – hey I’ll go to see her right now” I back off up the end of the corridor. I glance down, there is no one there.

“Sara,” they all say, wanting me to go back, no chance, this is my time. I am in the second corridor now, one more to freedom. I sprint half way up to get ahead of them.

“Sara,” I can still hear them.

“You’re pushing it now,” Amy’s voice echoes.

“Oh pushing it, just like what Kay did earlier and have the scars to prove it – “ I say, but, a door opens nearby, to the right of me Rachel appears, long blonde hair with a fringe on the right hand side, she is wearing a green strap top with jeans, she likes to reveal herself quite a lot, creepy if you ask me.

“What’s going on?” she asks.

“Emma here, was going to let me go actually – well – she was going to kill me but now she’s letting me go”

“That makes no sense”

“No, no you make – no sense” that sentence actually didn’t make sense, none of it made sense actually – oh well. I turn and sprint to the end of the corridor. Then, sprint halfway down the last corridor and the door insight – wow this is exciting. I get to the door of Emma’s office, the door opens and she walks out, err, I didn’t exactly plan this out.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asks yelling, these people like to yell a lot.

“We all decided to go for a little jog,” I tell her. Amy, Rebecca, Rachel and Emma head down. They are getting close, I need to do something, and fast. She goes to grab me – but - I grab her. For once I am in control. They all stare, in amazement.

“Sara – get off,” Emma says struggling; I am a lot stronger than she is.

“People here, you will remember this the day that I, Sara actually escaped from you people,” I announce. Pushing Emma into them I turn and sprint out, quote from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I turned it around to make my own. Sprinting twenty metres down I push the doors and I am in the open air, I am free.

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