One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


25. Still Alive

My eyes start to open, and I make out a white ceiling ahead of me. Pain is throbbing in the left side of my neck. It feels like someone has stuck an arrow there, and is pushing it further into my neck. This is unbearable, but I know I have put up with worse pain than this before.

“Ow,” I moan, and fall onto my right side. Staring at the door I find myself crying. My body feels heavy and hurts every time I move. The only part of my body I move are my eyes. I see the door move, and Amy comes in. Is this a good thing? Is she going to hurt me? My heart beats faster and I find myself breathing heavily.

“Hey,” Amy says coming down to my level. Her voice is comforting and caring; I feel this is going to turn out well. She touches the side of my face, and I twitch, I thought she was going to hurt me. “It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you” I wish that killed me. Something cold shoots up my left arm, and now I find myself sitting up.

“Ow,” I moan again. Putting my head into my hands I cry. Oh how I wished that bullet killed me, it would have put me out of my misery. I wish I was dead, I have no purpose in life, and I’m not going to get out of here. Right now the only thing on my mind is my incredibly itchy legs. 

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