One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


30. Standing My Ground

I can’t just lie here feeling sorry for myself. I need to get out of here, and I need to stand up for myself. But yet, I only know what will happen to me if I will. I sit up, I’m going to do it, I’m going to make myself heard, and I don’t care for the consequences. They can take my freedom, but they can’t take my dignity from me.

Running out I take a deep breath in, I am going to stand my ground. The dining room, that’s where they mostly stay. I head down the steps, Danielle comes around the corner.

“Wanna come to my room?” she asks sucking on a lolly.

“No, I’d rather have an ogre eat my eyes, let a bear rip my stomach out and let vultures pick my bones to be honest Danielle,” I say without thinking, wow, I feel great. I walk past her, and head down the corridor. I need to develop a sarcastic attitude, and fast. Bursting into the dining room, every head turns towards me.“Everyone alright?” I yell, what am I doing? “I bet you’re all having fun in here, sitting, talking, drinking having a really good time – “ I pull a ribena out the fridge, and down it.

“Sara what are you doing?” Emma asks walking in.

“Having a drink, or am I not allowed that either”

“Come on, go to your room”

“No, I’m not, do what you want to me, beat me, torture me, hit me, I don’t care anymore and nor do any of you people. All you do day in day out is get drunk and abuse us people cos you’ve got nothing else better to do – “ I jump on the table, and start kicking things around.

“Get her down from there”

“Sara come on,” Sam and Steph say.

“No!” I yell, and jump onto another table. I turn to look at Emma, and see someone else standing next to her, its Laura, the upper rank to Kate. 

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