One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


4. Mentors Take Over

All eyes are now watching me. Oh how I wish the floor would just eat me right now. I feel small, vulnerable and weak as they sneer and insult me. Avoiding all eye contact I walk through the gap and quickly run up the stairs. Slamming the door I march over to my bed at the back left of the room. I fall onto my bed digging my face into the pillow. This is now the part where I cry my eyes out. Trying to forget that I am in this place I close my eyes as tight as I can. All I get is bad memories in my head of being hit and cut off from the rest of the world. Under my pillow I feel something small, with a wire. I pull it out to reveal my IPod.

This is the only friend I have in the world. I can relate to it, songs about life, happiness and freedom. Putting the headphones in, I turn it on and then shuffle songs on. The first song that comes on is, if everyone cared, by Nickelback. What a great song, I make myself comfortable by lying back and put my arms behind my head glaring at the ceiling. I close my eyes and see myself going into another world.

In the sky I stretch my arms out and do a flip in the sky. Smiling, laughing and rocketing about I look below to see Emma and all the mentors below me. I see this for a good time to mock them. Flying low and dangerous I go near them. The song gotta be somebody by Nickelback surrounds us. I sing along throwing threatening movements towards them below me. I feel more powerful, dominant and superior to all of them!

Their arms jump into the air in a desperate attempt to catch me. None of them are close; I take twigs off trees nearby and throw them down at them. They try to dodge them, but fail miserably as I laugh aloud. Oh the fun I am having now is immense! Above everything I hear something, in quick movements I look in all directions to see what it is. In frustration I grab my head and the noise is coming closer. Part of the music is now cut off, “Sara”

I automatically sit up. I turn right to see Kay and jump due to shock.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asks in a moody tone.

“Nothing, nothing,” I say turning my IPod off and putting it back under my pillow.

“Learning time” she grabs me and drags me towards the door. As we get there we hear whispers of the crowd still there. They all turn and stare. Kay doesn’t seem to care she takes me down the stairs and a gap forms to the left, we walk straight up and past the slammer room which is on the corner on the left. She takes me right down the corridor the first door on the left is the first aid room, and on the opposite on the right is the learning room.

She opens the door and pushes me in. There are desks neatly aligned, at the front is a desk which Emma, a mentor and makes sure people do sheets is sitting behind. Beside her on the right are six filing cabinets which are in the corner behind her, and there is also a whiteboard which is behind her on the wall. Emma has long bright blonde straight hair which lies on her shoulders, she is wearing a grey strap top with denim jeans.

“Sit,” she orders me. I go to the front desk which is in front of Emma and sit down. “Do” and she slams a maths sheet and pen down. I pick up the pen and look at the sheet. I can see that she gave me this deliberately, it has extra long multiplications. Staring at the sheet I find myself motionless.

“Go on then,” Emma yells. I look up and she and Kay are standing there smiling and looking all happy. Turning back to the sheet I put my left hand to my head and stare at it with the pen in mid air.

“In your own time,” Kay says sitting down beside me. Emma sits in the seat to the left of me and they are now staring at me. They enjoy this, giving me extra hard sheets like this and watch me suffer and do it wrong. Still, I am motionless trying to figure it out in my head before touching the paper.

“God this is taking some time,” Emma says sarcastically leaning back. Anger bubbles up inside me, I can see myself breaking out any time soon.

“Hey I could order a pizza in this time,” Kay laughs laughing. I continue to stare at the paper and grip the pen as tight as I can hold all my anger in.

“Yeah I could pop out for a coffee and paper,” Emma laughs. I grip the pen even tighter and can actually see my hand shaking.

“Oh waiter,” Kay laughs and puts her hand up, “Steak and chips please” they are both laughing together now. Gripping the pen so tight it now breaks in half.

“Oh dear Sara,” Emma says. “You broke your pen; you’ll have to use blood”

“And it’s going to be yours,” I whisper.

“Oh that’s not very nice Sara,” Kay laughs. That’s it, I can’t take this anymore. In anger and frustration I stand up knocking my chair over, and flip the table up.

“Hey,” they both yell. My right hand being the strongest I throw it at Kay and she falls over yelling in pain. Emma goes for me, I throw my left elbow at her and she falls over screaming in pain. Kay gets back up, picking up the chair I knocked over I hit her over the head so she falls over. Hitting her again and again I make sure she doesn’t get up.

“Hey,” Emma screams touching my shoulder. In reaction I throw my left hand at her. She doesn’t fall over, she only slips. Again I pick the chair up and hit her. Again and again I hit her, then, coming to the sense of what I am doing I suddenly stop. I throw the chair at Emma where she lies, unconscious. I look at my hands; there is blood on them, Emma and Kay’s blood.

Turning around I head towards the door. Slowly and quietly I open it, there is not a sound to be heard outside. Still holding the door I shut it quickly and silently. I look in the window and see Emma and Kay lying on the floor covered in blood. I turn around Danielle is standing in front of me.

“Sara what are you doing?” she asks.

“Emma wants you,” I say quickly.

“What and why did she send you?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself? I stand aside to let her past. She opens the door and goes in.

“Sa-“Picking up a chair nearby I hit her over the back of the head to knock her over. I hit her again and again and again and again.

“Now that is what you call stamping someone to death,” I say at her body. I then stamp it on her back – twice and let go of it. Coming to the sense they would call for help I search their pockets for their phones and put them in my shorts pockets. This time I leave and no one is about.

I put my back against the wall and go left all the way towards the corner. Quickly I put my head around the corner to see if anyone is there. No one is there and not a sound is to be heard. Sprinting down I move towards the right of the corridor and put my back against the wall. This feels like a James Bond film, attempting to wipe out the enemy and get away with it.  

Slowly, I edge to look down the mentor corridor. Again no one is there and not a sound is to be heard. I seem to be quite lucky. Taking a deep breath in, I prepare myself, looking around for a final time I run as fast as I can. Seconds later I reach the top of the corridor; there is no turning back now. 

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