One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


3. Hell Right Outside My Door

Staring at the floor, I keep my mind off Kay. Trying to think away from bad thoughts and the fact that Kay is standing in the doorway I close my eyes. I feel her presence coming closer to me, the smell of perfume fills the air around me. She is now hovering over me. I open my eyes, and look up. She is standing there looking rather unimpressed.

“I suggest you put this on – “she says throwing my overall in my face “Before I put it on you myself and drag you out” I obey her rules quickly. “Move” she prods me in the back. All happy feelings and emotions now drain out of me. I now feel nothing; there is just a large empty space in my body, which feels absolutely nothing. As I walk out of the room a crowd gathers below me. The mentors are gathering below me. It’s like they are coming to see Kay hang me.

The smirks on their faces, the way they are looking at me and the fact they are whispering and laughing makes me quiver with fear. I feel Kay put a hand on my shoulder. She might as well just hang me, just so I wouldn’t see them taunt and mock me. Someone steps forward making themselves visible, and put a foot on the stairs below me. It is Emma, the head, she runs this place. She is wearing a red t – shirt and denim jeans. She flicks her long blonde hair back to reveal her dark highlights. She makes sure that people are doing what they are told, when they are told. And if not, they make a walk of shame to the slammer room.

“Well well well,” she announces“Look who has shown themselves this morning” I stare at the wall in front of me, trying to forget about the crowd below me. She now starts to make her way up the stairs. I feel myself moving back automatically, and Kay’s grip becoming tighter. Taking a deep breath in, I prepare myself for what is to come.

“So what are we today then?” she asks taking a hold of my mood necklace. Avoiding all eye contact I continue to stare at the wall ahead. “Ooh blue, relaxed are you, don’t think you will be for long Sara” Sara is my name, said Sarah, simple, short and I like it. Emma leads me down the metal, rickety steps. All eyes are watching every step, every move that I make. A gap forms to the right of the group. She is taking me down the mentor corridor, to her office, something bad is going to happen and I know it.

As I walk down the long, never-ending corridor, I turn to see Danielle following us. She is wearing a black-strap top with light jeans; she flicks her long blonde hair back to reveal her devilish smile. A cold chill shivers down my spine. We then turn left down the next corridor. It is like I am walking towards my death, Emma leading and Danielle making sure I don’t turn back and run. 

We now turn right, the last corridor of the building.  I can see the door, the door that leads to freedom, joy and life. It is only and Emma and Danielle that are in my way of leaving. I daren’t knock Emma aside, because I know what she can do to me. Halfway down she stops outside a door, her office.

“In,” she orders opening the door. I go in, and her desk is towards the back of the room. It is neatly organised with papers and utensils, behind the desk is a big, black swivelling chair. In front of the desk is a wooden chair, a chair of which I am extremely familiar with.

“Sit,” Emma orders me. I sit down on the wooden hard and uncomfortable chair. I sit slouched making myself look comfortable and relaxed, but deep inside my heart trembles with fear and dread. I clench my fists in my pockets which are gripping all my emotions and feelings right now.

“Now Sara, I think – no I don’t think – I know you have Danielle’s phone so please hand it over before so I don’t hurt you,” she says holding her hand out. I just look at her hand as if it is a rabbit sitting, staring at me wanting something. Rubbing my lips together I look at the ceiling. Ah, the good times with Danielle’s phone, listening to ringtones, playing games, going on the internet, deleting contacts... and then the battery died.

“Sara,” Danielle yells walking over to me. She grabs me, and throws me over to a wall. “I know you’ve got it,” she unzips my overall and puts her hands in my shorts pockets. Then, coincidentally pulls out her phone. “See, see” she waves it around. “Why won’t it turn on?”

“Battery died,” I say in a low tone.

“You really infuriate me you know” she tugs at me which makes me fall over.

“Oh dear” she now hovers over me, like a vulture waiting to pick my bones.

“I could seriously stamp you to death right now” she doesn’t particularly look impressed.

“Go for it” I look at her, and she stares back, ready to attack me. Screaming and cursing, she knees me in the face and leaves. Blood drips from my nose and I don’t seem to particularly care.

“Oh dear me, Danielle’s not very happy, now I suggest you leave before I cause any damage to that – pretty little face of yours,” Emma says sarcastically smiling.

I open the door and look to the right at the door. Freedom, joy and life are about 100 metres in front of me.

“Hoi,” someone says from behind me. I quickly swivel round to see Amy. Her long black hair lies on her left shoulder; she is wearing a navy strap top with dark jeans. “Come on” she grabs my arm and drags me with her. As I am being dragged away I watch the door fade away in the light, and I merge into a dark and dreary world of misery and torture. She then stops; I then turn around slowly to see the crowd of mentors still standing there.

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