One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


5. Escape Attempt Number 1

No one is down this next corridor, wow I am lucky today. Again I sprint down, I turn but this time sees Emma the head walk out her office. Panicking, I turn back, I see a door and I go in the room. I have to wait now, for Emma to walk past and hope no one comes in here.

“For God’s sake Danielle,” I hear Emma’s voice. Footsteps can now be heard approaching, louder and louder they become. I hold my breath, they are now fading away. I now wait a couple of seconds to make sure nothing is there. Now, I will go. I turn around, and see somebody standing there, it is Amy.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asks yelling.

“Err...,” I start to say, but before I can do anything she grabs me and drags me out.

“Right come on, you’re going to Emma” I now struggle to try and get away. She only ignores it; she is used to this anyway.

“Emma,” she yells and her voice echoes down the corridors, this makes me struggle even more. Amy isn’t stupid; she has a very tight grip and is very strong. At the top of the corridor we see Emma emerge. On that note I attempt to push her off, it kind of works, she lets go. I turn around and run to the end, and see the door, the way out of here. 

Using up all the energy in my body I sprint all the way down. As I crash through the doors a gush of wind flies into my face. I have to take this moment in...

“Hey,” I hear Amy screaming. I panic, I grab my head in frustration, and I look around everywhere. Then I turn left around the corner... “Hey” I hear her again. I turn, she grabs me and then pins me to the ground.

“Hoi, hoi calm down” she is leaning over me and using both hands to restrain me. Now, she has all power over me. I make it difficult for her as I keep on struggling. She takes her left hand off me and searches her pockets, then pulls out her phone. Struggling, she makes the grip in her right hand even tighter. 

“Rebecca I need you outside now,” Amy yells into the phone. Quickly, she throws it to the ground, and then grabs me with both hands. “Don’t think for one second you’re going to get away with this Sara, ‘cos you’re not” As I still struggle in her grip I put my head to the ground, I look up to the sky wishing I was up there, flying high.

“You got any handcuffs on you?” Amy asks. Looking around frantically I see Rebecca walk around. I struggle; they both grab me, and then pin me on my front. Grabbing my arms, they handcuff me and then place me on my knees. They put their hands on my shoulders to keep me stable.

“You calm now?” Rebecca asks.

“No,” I say still struggling in their grip. They pull me up and I dangle in the air for a second. I watch the sky as I go back into the building. I see no point in struggling, but I still do as I am eager to get away. We move quickly down the corridors, I keep tripping as I can’t seem to keep up. Now, we reach the corridor with my room, at the end of it Emma is standing there, looking rather anxious.

“Will you come in here?” she asks in a worried tone. Amy and Rebecca exchange looks, and then we walk down. We turn the corner and the door to the learning room is open. Kay, Emma and Danielle are lying on desks, unconscious. Steph is sitting beside Kay, Sam is beside Emma and Rachel is beside Danielle.

“Sara what the hell possessed you to do this?” Emma asks yelling.

“Anger... rage... confusion... the way you people treat me,” I answer.

“Sara they could be dead for all you know,” Amy says trying to make me feel sorry for them.

“Oh really, and I’ll have no regrets doing this” she grabs me by the neck, takes me over to a desk and then throws my face onto the desk. I land spread out on the floor with a bloody nose, I am unconscious.





Something deep inside my body wants to get out. It flips in my stomach and does some U turns. Now, it travels up to my neck, it tickles the back of my throat. Whatever it is, it wants to get outside my body. I can feel myself coughing, and coughing and coughing. It is still in my throat, I can see a white ceiling ahead of me.

I continue to cough and cough. I can feel it moving in my throat now, it jolts forward. Next thing, blood spurts out of my mouth and all over the floor next to me. Again, blood comes flying out of my mouth and I sit up automatically.

“Hey,” someone says nearby. Hands touch me and drag me back to the floor. “Sara, drink this” something is put to my lips, I let it trickle down my throat, then realise it tastes of vinegar. “Swallow it” Obeying those orders I swallow, and then put my head back on the floor. My left upper arm is incredibly itchy. I can’t move my hands; they are bound behind my back and feel numb.

Moving about, I rub my arm against the floor in a desperate attempt to scratch my arm. I do it again, and again.

“Hey,” someone says up above me. I look up, and see Amy hovering above me. “What’s the matter?”

“Arm... itchy,” I say wriggling about.  She unzips my overall, takes some of it down, and I can see a red patch on my arm. It looks weird; it is in the shape of a bullet. Is that possible? The more I stare at it the more I need to scratch.

“Ahh,” I say desperately.  

“Right, give me a second,” Amy says getting up, and then leaves. Then, I struggle, I squirm and I wriggle more than ever. I hit a wall, and now I am stuck. Amy then walks in and sits in front of me. She has a little tub of cream; it is small, circular and red. I watch as she takes the lid off and puts some on her fingers.

As she gets closer I attempt to back off, but she puts her other hand on my shoulder. She puts it on my skin, and it makes a sizzling sound. An adrenaline rushes throughout my body. Sitting up straight my body stiffens.

“Hey, hey,” Amy says. “Look at me Sara, just look at me” she puts more cream on, and it sizzles again and dissolves into my skin.  Looking around the room, I hope for something to jump out and help me.  The burning, the adrenaline rush and the sizzling keeps on going, I can’t take it anymore.

“Sara, Sara,” Amy calls my name, I turn and look at her. “Just look at me, that’s it, look at me” she puts some more on, but this time is different, it is cool and refreshing. I look at it, it is still red but it is not itchy. Now I feel great, “You ok?” I nod my head. “Ok, come on stand up” she helps me stand. She uncuffs me and I feel a hint of freedom in the air. We walk out of the room and turn left; we then turn around the corner. Danielle emerges from the mentor corridor, and she doesn’t look to happy.

“H - ,” she starts to say. Panicking, I go to turn back, but Amy stops me.

“Sara go to your room,” Amy says pushing me. Avoiding eye contact with Danielle, I sprint up the steps into my room. I don’t shut the door; I keep it ajar and sit with my back against the wall behind my door.

“Amy I swear I’m going to kill her,” I hear Danielle yell.

“Look right – I know but you’re going to have to keep it down,” Amy says.

“I’m going to get her back – “

“Here you know if you touch or even go near her Kate’s going to find out”

“I don’t care – I actually don’t care right now Amy – “

“You know what Rachel’s like, she tells Kate everything”


“Yeah – desperate Rachel, she’s bound to find out and it’s not worth it Danielle”

“Oh God” I hear loud footsteps. I guess she is walking away. There is a pause. I look through the gap between the door and the wall, they have gone. Carefully I shut the door without making a sound. Lying on the floor I face my bed.

Tears stream down my face. Oh how I wish to live a different life, to be loved for, to be cared for and to have a family. But I have nothing except this room. This hot, large white room filled with nothing. Footsteps can be heard outside now. I crawl into the corner and curl up in a desperate attempt to blend in with the wall. The door opens, I hold my breath, and it could be anyone, Kay, Emma or even Danielle. They come closer to me, I stay perfectly still.

“Sara,” they say, I realise it is Amy. She touches my shoulder and sits next to me. “Sara, hey” I continue to stay curled up, and close my eyes. “Sara, please” she takes a hold of my hand. Is this a sign that she cares? Should I respond?”Sara” I slowly lift my head. “It’s ok I’m not going to hurt you – I guess you heard me and Danielle talking?” I nod my head. “It’s alright; she’s not going to get you”

“Ah,” I moan. She puts her other hand on the back of my neck.

“Sara – can you tell me what Kay and Emma were saying before?” there is a pause between us, I take a deep breath in.

“They were – taking the mick ‘cos Emma gave me a hard sheet” I rub my eyes on my knee.

“It’s alright, were they being nasty to you?”

“Yeah” and I nod my head.

“I’m going to look after you now Sara, instead of Kay it’s going to be me” then she brings me close to her, hugging me. This is the first time anyone has done this, for once I actually feel loved and cared for.

“Ok, I’m going to get you some food – you haven’t eaten for three days” Amy says getting up. I watch her as she leaves, and then I crawl to the door. In a desperate attempt to get to the bathroom I jump the rail and slide down the pole like a fireman. In the bathroom I put my hands both sides of the sink and look in the mirror. I look a complete state, bits of my ponytail are sticking out at weird angles, my eyes are red and I look like I have seen a ghost.

Quickly, I go to the toilet before my bladder can burst. Then, I take some of my overall down and look where that red mark is. It is still in the shape of a bullet, and a little bit itchy. Looking at it makes me want to scratch it, so I do, and it feels better. So I scratch, and scratch and scratch it. Then I see something different, it looks like black ink or a bit of a tattoo on my arm.

I scratch the rest of the area where the red is. Now, I am looking at a bullet shape tattoo on my arm. Is this even possible? How could I scratch some skin off to get this? Is there even an explanation for this?

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