One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


14. Back To Slavery

Opening my eyes I see a large spider in front of me. Normally somebody would panic and run away, but I let it crawl on my back. I don't care what happens to me now; I wish I could just die. No one loves me, no one cares for me, and no one wants me. Slowly, I get to my feet, and the spider falls off my back. I watch as it crawls into the bushes. Turning around I analyse what is around me, then see Amy standing right behind me.

"Let's go," she says grabbing me, and then drags me out the garden. As soon as we get out she grabs the back of my overall and my right arm, now there are no means of escape. I look back, and see where I could have gone if Amy wasn't there. "Don't look back" she knocks the back of my head. "You'll only make things worse"  

"I thought you liked me Amy," I say. 

"Well.... things might change Sara" the gates are open, and we walk through. As we do I look back, and watch as Rachel and Danielle shut them. Suddenly, anger bubbles up inside of me. I want to break out of this place, I want freedom, and I want to be someone. Now, we enter the building, death feels near, and it's coming for me. If death won't come to me, I'll find death myself, somehow and someway, I will find it. Emma is standing outside of her office door, looking happy, I feel she has something planned.

"Hello Sara, did you have fun last night?" Emma asks.

"No not really," I say.

"And what did you do?"

"I slept outside, on the cold, wet hard ground with a spider on my back. I hoped for it to kill me, but it didn't do anything for it"

"Oh dear, well we thought it's time for change around here Sara. From now on... Amy is your mentor"

"Is she?" Amy asks.

"Yeah, do what you want with her" and she goes back into her office.

"Come on" Amy grabs my neck and pushes me along. 

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