Helen cannot escape Taylor and her endless taunts.
Taylor cannot escape herself and the monster she has become.


6. 6:Taylor-Trying

Over the next few weeks, I noticed Helen changing. She was no longer affected by the names called after her, the aeroplanes thrown at her head or the shoves that met her around every corner. She ignored it all,just kept going with a look of total calm on her face, like she was on a hot beach in Miami.

Instead of making me happy that she'd finally gotten over it all,that she could forget about all that I'd done to her,that she seemed to have forgotten, it spurred me on. How could she wander around, totally unaffected by it all while I had ripped my mind to pieces feeling bad over hurting her? She should be affected by all of this, All of this had been done so that I hurt her, it was pointless if it didn't.

I went into a angry frenzy trying to get her to even frown, let alone cry again. My whole life started revolving around trying to rip her to pieces. I texted her hateful comments practically every second I could, I broke into her locker and ripped up all of her books, once I even followed her home then scratched "Slut" on her front door with my compass.

My friends said I was becoming strange, I hardly ever spoke any more but I didn't care. I only cared about making her feel like she should no longer exist on this Earth, like she should feel, but refused to.

But still I failed. Still she acted like she no longer cared, she didn't pick the gum out of her hair, even checked her messages in class without a reaction, when she must get hate texts,now that I had passed her number around the school.

But one day I succeeded. I hurt her, hurt her more than I had ever intended.

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