Helen cannot escape Taylor and her endless taunts.
Taylor cannot escape herself and the monster she has become.


10. 10:Taylor-Sorry

1 month later-

I looked down. The world was bustling below me, people doing things, being active, not realising what was about to happen. I couldn't remember how I'd got here, on top of the world. Only that it was where I wanted to be. No, needed to be.

It was going to end. The guilt, the unsaid apologies, the fear and the sorrow. It would all end.

But then I was drawn back, back where I could never escape. My world changed to busy corridors, bustling with people as I looked around from my younger body. A prisoner to my memories, never allowed to escape.

I had followed Helen, as she stumbled through the corridors then gone into one of the science rooms and collapsed. Why that one? I'll never know. She had lain there unconscious as I watched her, then her eyes fluttered weakly. Her empty eyes in her empty body. The shell of a previous life. 

She had reached into her bag then brought out some scissors. She'd brought them to her wrists. Watched the blood trickle down with almost fascination. She had done it again, and again, and again. She closed her eyes with a groan and smiled, keeping up the rhythmic strokes on her wrists. I was frozen, unable to move. Forced to watch this horror.

After a while she had done so many cuts I couldn't see any skin on her arms anymore, only raw flesh and blood. Blood, the colour of death.

She had brought the scissors up to her neck, I could see what she was going to do, but I couldn't stop her. Only watch. Watch forever and never forget. She stroked the blade over her neck once, almost lovingly. Small crimson droplets slid down her ivory skin. 

Once more she brought it up, and pressed hard, sliding it over her pale flesh. Blood poured down and she managed one rattling breath, arching her back as she did, as if she was reaching for the clouds. Then she collapsed, her face looking up at the sky, smiling, as if she could fly. Finally I was released from the prison of my body, finally I could move, but it was too late, always too late...

My world morphed back to the sky. I was surrounded by blue sky, blue like Helen's eyes, with white clouds, white like Helen's skin, a yellow car below, yellow like strands of hair, tumbling to the ground, tumbling slowly, falling softly. Then smashing as they landed, smashing the life that had once been hers.

I clapped my hands over my eyes, I couldn't escape her. The constant guilt, knowing it was my fault. My fault she was gone. My fault that the world was painted red with blood, falling from the sky, dripping down the walls. An endless red prison.

Sorry Helen. Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for killing you. Sorry that you had to die. Just to escape me.

But now I would escape. Escape from the guilt. Escape from myself. Escape from the life that I had blighted.

It was my fault.

I stepped forwards, and fell.

I saw the faces below, the flashing lights, but none of it mattered. I was plummeting, plummeting down, forever falling.

Only something changed. Instead of falling, I was flying. Flying up and up and up to freedom. Flying away from this world, the world which I had tainted.

That's when the world went dark.

I'm sorry Helen, I sent out a prayer,  with my last seconds, hoping it would reach her. And somehow, I knew I was forgiven.

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