Sheep World

This story will tell you all about how Sheep World has turned into a warzone, thanks to one argument between a sheep and a cow...


1. The Fellowship of the Sheep Pt.1

Once upon a time, in a peaceful land that we call Sheep World, the trees were blowing in a gentle breeze and birds were tweeting on their mobile phones. It was extremely peaceful until;

'But it's not fair! You're always the centre of attention!'

'Well, that's because everyone likes me better! I'm fluffy and white, and don't smell as much as you!'

Those irritating shouts and noises were Cow and Sheep arguing. I bet you're wondering, what are those two animals arguing about? They get along very well usually out in the countryside. Well, that's where you're wrong. This place is called Sheep World. The cows are getting very frustrated because they seem to be getting overthrown by the sheep. The leader of the cows and the leader of the sheep met up by the Old Horns for a pint, and it was an adult conversation until Cow got frustrated and started to shout. That is where it started to spiral out of control. Cursing and abusing each other, they were disturbing all the other animals. One of Cow's friends came up to Sheep and hit him, quite hard in a matter of fact, but then that cow got a surprise as one of Sheep's friends came up and smacked him round the face. All the other sheep and cows joined in and there was a lot of violence with all the animals hurting each other. Then, Cow stood up, and bellowed;

'That's Enough! Come on Cow's! We're getting outta here, over to the hills, over yonda! Taraa furry creatures, we are going to prepare for battle. But...I'll Be Back.'...

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