Life after Fred

Life after the Death of Fred Weasley.
Written in George's Point of View.


3. Landing on ground

I'm sure I could see him, I'm just sure about it.

I step out of the car and walk towards the graveyard gates, Fred's grave is in a special place where only people with the pass can see it, meaning no grave robbers will be stealing my brother anytime soon.

'Fred? Are you here?' I whisper, walking towards his orange grave, orange to represent our ginger hair. I feel a rustling in the ground, sparks of light shooting everywhere. I place the flowers down on the floor, they start to change color from blue too red.

'Fred! I know you're hear, show yourself' I laugh, he knows I can hear him. I close my eyes and re-open them to see my reflec-wait, not my reflection but my twin! Tears stream down my face,

'I'm always with you, George. Always' He whispers in my good ear,

'We are the holy spirit, Fred, you geddit? I'm holey and your a spirit' I smile and start to laugh, only too see that Fred isn't laughing.

'I don't want to be like this, George, I miss waking up to see my family but all I see is the dead and you. I miss you so much' He starts to cry, i try to touch his face but my hand goes right through him.

'Promise me you'll never forget me?' Fred asks,

'I promise, you have the other part of my heart inside of you' I say, touching my chest where my heart is, He smiles and begins to fade, I wave.

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