Discovering My Guardian Angel

Its hard enough being a new girl in secondry school but Tessa has more problems than most. An evil glow that follows her around puts her in a place with one friend and forced to go to Statistics Club.
Will Tessa and her best friend Kat regain popularity or will they remain lonely forever?


3. School

My new school was in the next town as there was only a small primary in our village.  It wasn’t as big as my old school but it had the same secondary school atmosphere.  It was full of children going about their everyday business.   Despite my fear of the glow I did feel nervous about starting at Hallandale Secondary.         When I arrived the old school looked very daunting.  The tall building loomed over me casting a large black shadow.  Yet more daunting than the school itself was the children.  Everyone seemed to know where they were going.  I suddenly felt very small.  Before I had left Mum had said “You’ll probably feel like a small fish in a big pond…” I didn’t realise just how right she was until then.         I followed my mum until we arrived at the office.  Somehow that small room seemed to have more activity than the rest of the building.  My mum took me to a fat old lady sitting behind an L shaped desk way too small for her.  She examined me with her scrutinising beady eyes then led me to a noisy classroom without a word.  I knocked on the door and entered.  All eyes turned on me and there was an awkward silence.  “Hello, I’m Tessa,” I nervously mumbled.  “Welcome to 7C Tessa!” Replied the noisy over enthusiastic teacher as the pupils rolled their eyes, “I am your class tutor Mr Clockson but you can call me Clockie!”  Clockie sent a beaming smile around the class resulting in another set of eye rolls.         I took the only remaining seat and sat down.  The girl next to me, who was ginger and had rosy cheeks, whispered “Something is always up with Clockie’s gears - you get used to it.”  I smiled in return.  Suddenly the glow appeared and I let out a frustrated sigh consequently everyone around me to give me a ‘what is wrong with her’ look.  Little did I know I was going to be getting a lot more of these in the days to come.         As the new timetables were handed out the glow bumped into the girl in front of me‘s chair causing her to spill her pink nail varnish that she was discreetly applying under the table.  “Jerk!” I muttered to the glow as the girl turned around.  She gave me an evil glare as she thought I was talking to her and whispered menacingly, “Not a good start ...” “Well done,” the ginger girl whispered, “That’s the fastest anyone has made an enemy of Courtney Smith.  Watch your back.  I’m Kat by the way.”          The first few lessons blurred by and I forgot the teachers’ names quicker than I learnt them.  None of the others said anything to me and I assumed that they were all Courtney’s friends.  I just followed everyone else to the different rooms instead of bothering to learn the way.  Before I knew it break was upon us.         As soon as I headed outside Courtney and a load of other giggling girls descended upon me.  “Courtney about earlier …”I began but was rudely disrupted my Courtney.  “Brooke isn’t there an unwritten rule that a new girl doesn’t speak out of turn until given significant status?” “Yes Courtney” Brooke replied meekly and gave me a little smile.   Brooke was a tall willowy girl with long, wavy, brown hair.  Her eyes were large and light blue; they were hidden beneath her long eyelashes as she stared at her feet.  “Well Tessa we may be able to forgive you and let you start again…” I saw the glow starting to move towards Courtney and yelled at it “No! Stop!” “Freak,” Courtney snorted then walked off laughing.  Brooke looked over her shoulder and mouthed sorry before joining in laughing.  I glared at the glow with pure hatred in my eyes then decided that I would focus all my attention on stopping it doing it again.

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