Discovering My Guardian Angel

Its hard enough being a new girl in secondry school but Tessa has more problems than most. An evil glow that follows her around puts her in a place with one friend and forced to go to Statistics Club.
Will Tessa and her best friend Kat regain popularity or will they remain lonely forever?


5. Operation: Party!

When we reached Kat’s house we were in despair.  Kat said that we should talk to Polly as that is often very therapeutic.  And so reluctantly I said yes and like mad-women we had a conversation with a parrot.

When asked what to do Polly replies “Poster, Poster, Poster” and tilted her multi-coloured head to the side.  “Paarty, paarteee!”  Me and Kat turned to face each other with colossal grins on our faces.  “I don’t know about the poster part but a party sounds good to me!” I said, “After all it is my twelfth birthday next week!” “By poster she means that Ghost poster over there the one with the gig Venues!” Kat added.  I went over to look at it and saw that Ghost was going to be in town for a week.  We screamed our lungs out with delight!  Kat’s moody older brother yelled “Shut up!”

Throughout the evening Kat and I researched on the web what to do for a great party.  Considering I only lived down the road I ran home to ask my mum for permission and she agreed as she thought it was a great way to make friends.

We booked the Town Hall for the night of my birthday.  We ordered some great decorations and set about making the invitations.  We decided that we might as well invite the whole year including Courtney on the terms of ‘the more the merrier’.  We became very noisy and excited that Kat’s older brother came down to see what was going on.  As we explained to him Kat had a brainwave.  “You’re friends with Drew aren’t you?” “Yeah, so what?” He replied in his low voice.  “What do you mean ‘so what?’ That is amazing!” I yelled then flapped my eyelashes and put on a puppy dog face, “would you be able to persuade Ghost to play at our party please?  Pretty please!”  We smiled sweetly.  Reluctantly he said, “I will try, just so long as you promise to leave me alone after!” as we nodded vigorously in agreement.

When we handed out the invites the next day our ‘creep’ status was forgotten by everyone except from Courtney and her friends.  Brooke however came over to us and offered to help us set up the party beforehand.  It turns out that Brooke is an amazing girl.  Once we got talking we discovered that she is sooo funny!  We hadn’t yet released the secret that Ghost was playing so we let Brooke know and we discovered that she was as big a fan as Kat and I.

The day of the party came and I was so excited; this was our big chance to make friends.  All of the Saturday Brooke, Kat and I were down at the Town Hall setting up.  We had hired a disco floor and a disco ball in this massive kit.  We decided to use the stage that was already there to let the band play on.  We had even brought a stool for Drew to sit on.

“Wow girls this looks fab!” my mum said as she came in to check on us, “I brought you some lemonade and cookies and you certainly deserve them!  Have a break for a while.  Oh and by the way I have made some jugs of fizzy drinks, some cakes and some nibbles can you help me set them up after I have collected the Birthday cake.  Also I have brought you a present why don’t you open it.” “Thanks Mum - You’re a star!” I said happily as my mum exited the room.

We sat in a circle on the floor eating the cookies.  “I can’t believe Polly thought of this!” Brooke said joyfully.  “I know,” added Kat, “She had been acting weird all week and now that she said it she’s back to normal.” “I wonder what my cake’s going to be.”  I said, “It must be pretty special if Mum is picking it up herself.  “I heard her saying it was big enough for everyone so it must be massive!” Brooke said.  “And what about that present she was talking about?” Kat asked.  I suggested we open it so Kat went over and tried to pick it up but it was too heavy so Brooke went over to help.  Between them they managed to lug the shiny purple box with a silver bow on it towards me.   “1…2…3…Go!” I yelled and together we ripped into it.

I was speechless.  Inside the box was a large silver machine.  It was beautiful metal machine.  On top of it were ten large bars of chocolate.  A large smile spread across our faces as we realised what it was, “A chocolate fountain!” we chorused.  With surprising speed and excitement we assembled it and watched in awe as the luxurious velvety molten milk chocolate began to trickle down it.  It was a mouth-watering site and before long we were dipping our fingers in and enjoying the taste of pure happiness.

It was only when Ghost entered did we realise that it was probably a good idea not to eat all the chocolate before everyone else arrived.  The band was probably expecting to be mobbed by excited fans the moment they walked in the door.  Yet they looked unfazed as only three came up.  “The rest are arriving later,” I said by way of explanation.  It was Drew who spoke first, “Is that a chocolate fountain?” he asked.  We were too excited to reply so just nodded vigorously in agreement.  “Awesome - I just adore chocolate but obviously not as much as my tambourine.” He added.

 I could hardly believe it Ghost were at my party!  I was so excited that I almost exploded when they offered to sing Happy Birthday to me at the party.  Then when my mum walked in with a massive cake that was covered in a purple coating and written in black food colouring were Ghost’s signatures.  I was lost for words this was by far my favourite birthday of all time.

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