Discovering My Guardian Angel

Its hard enough being a new girl in secondry school but Tessa has more problems than most. An evil glow that follows her around puts her in a place with one friend and forced to go to Statistics Club.
Will Tessa and her best friend Kat regain popularity or will they remain lonely forever?


4. Gone

After a full week of watching the glow it disappeared.  I did not know why or how it was just gone.  At first I remained weary in case it came again however much to my relief it didn’t.  I soon realised I had another problem on my hands - I had no friends.

I tried to talk to people but Courtney had managed to get everyone to ignore me.  The only person that would talk to me was Kat.  I enjoyed having Kat as a friend but we both agreed that being an outcast wasn’t much fun.  No one would talk to us and when our backs were turned people started laughing at us.

I went round Kat’s house almost every night (it turns out she lives down my road) where we poured over magazines and the internet for inspiration of something to do to make people forget.  We brainstormed and meditated.  We asked people from the village; we even consulted Kat’s Parrot.

After a week of searching we gave up.  We just tried to get on with life.  Unfortunately for us Clockie noticed and decided to force us to go to Statistics Club (he was a maths teacher) to have fun with numbers!  I know he had our best interests at heart but he practically condemned our case.

Statistics Club was boring unbearable.  For some strange reason there was actually fifteen people attending this disastrous idea of a fun club.  At my old school it would have just been the teacher and three nerdy kids. 

Statistics Club consisted of us watching the others explain multiple maths theories and nodding whenever Clockie said something to us.  The enthusiasm of the other kids was sickening.  Kat and I decided that ‘Mental Abuse To Humans’ is a fantastic way to describe MATH.

One week Clockie announced that Statistics Club would be on every lunch time.  He said that someone had left him an anonymous letter and that he was glad that they were enjoying it.  He said that comment directly at me obviously thinking it was me who left the letter but I knew better.  Who else would want to humiliate us more and lower us down to weird creeps than Courtney?

That break Courtney was worse than ever.  She didn’t bother to say stuff behind our backs she just said it to our face.  “Enjoying statistics Tessa? Did Clockie enjoy your note?  I am surprised either of you can do statistics with your tiny brains!  Kat’s turning as red as her hair - so cute!”  At first the others laughed along but eventually it was just Courtney.  But she didn’t let that put her down “I got the last laugh!” she snidely said.

After that me and Kat realised we had to do something and fast.  And it was Kat’s parrot - Polly who gave us the answer.

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