Discovering My Guardian Angel

Its hard enough being a new girl in secondry school but Tessa has more problems than most. An evil glow that follows her around puts her in a place with one friend and forced to go to Statistics Club.
Will Tessa and her best friend Kat regain popularity or will they remain lonely forever?


7. Discovery

I slept like a log yet I still woke up at exactly midnight to a strange knocking sound on my window.  As I opened my bleary eyes I saw the glow banging against the window.  Wearily I let it in.

As it drifted through the window it transformed into a girl of about twelve years old.  She was dressed all in white and she had long blonde hair.  She stretched as if she hadn’t moved for years and settled down on the rug.

She saw my eyes widen and laughed.  Her laugh was like a tinkling of bells and her smile was gleaming white like the sun.  It was dazzling; in fact dazzling is the perfect word to describe her.

“Hi Tessa! I am Sasha.” She beamed.  “What are you?” I asked then realised that I was being rather rude however she had been following me and creeping me out so I have the right to be a little rude.  “I am Sasha, a LGA” “A what?” “A LGA - no, your LGA” “That doesn’t help!” I said exasperated.  “Oh right your human aren’t you,” she laughed, “I am your LGA - Learner Guardian Angel!” “Learner?” “Oh well I haven’t earned my Halo yet.” “That explains why you scared me half to death and made my life hell.”  I said rather harshly.  Her eyes began to well up with tears.  “Didn’t I do anything right?” “Well you were okay today,” I said when I realised that I had hurt her feelings; “Actually you were amazing today!  You served Courtney right!”  Her eyes lit up, “Really, do you mean it?” “Yes!” I gave her a hug and she beamed so happily she actually glowed.

She explained to me that I am her project and that she will be starting school with me and that if she is successful and helps me with settling in and making friends and doing well in school, she will go away for a month to complete her training and earn her Halo then she can return and I will be her life-long project.  She explained that in order to be a good Guardian Angel that she would have to become best friends with her.  I assured her that we would be best buds in no time.

It was a weird experience comforting an Angel but I couldn’t be that mean as to not.  I will probably look back on it in the future with a smile but half an hour later I was still very confused.

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