Discovering My Guardian Angel

Its hard enough being a new girl in secondry school but Tessa has more problems than most. An evil glow that follows her around puts her in a place with one friend and forced to go to Statistics Club.
Will Tessa and her best friend Kat regain popularity or will they remain lonely forever?


8. All's Well That Ends Well


On Monday Sasha came to school and was treated like any other new girl. I soon became happy with school and didn't have any enemies - with the exception of Courtney but she stayed well away however she was still subject to a few evil glares. I didn't care.

Sasha had managed to get me and Kat out of Statistics Club on the grounds that we all went Astronomy club on Tuesday nights (Clockie still wasn’t too happy with it) which was fine by me as the teacher that took it was loads more fun than Clockie. We all enjoyed it as Sasha often told the teacher about what the stars were really like which went totally against the curriculum and sounded like a load of rubbish. Only me and Sasha new the truth.

I had managed to bag four tickets to the Ghost concert for free and I was ecstatic. I was going to take Sasha, Kat and Brooke and we were going to go to a posh restaurant first.

The day of the concert came and we were so happy that we didn’t pay attention in Clockie’s lesson and he became quite annoyed. All day we ignored Courtney and her little minions, as we now called them.

When we arrived at the restaurant we sat down at our table that had a dainty white table cloth on it. Within seconds of getting her drink, Kat (in true Kat style) had managed to spill her Fanta on it leaving a messy stain. As we ate we conversed using our poshest voices. Then when we had paid left giggling and excited for the upcoming concert.

When we arrived, much to our shock, Courtney was in the row in front of us. In her hand was a large bag of Starbursts that she was waving around with emphasis as she nattered away to her much annoyed neighbour.

Brooke winked at us then picked up a spider off the floor and dropped it sneakily into the bag. We giggled and Courtney turned around. When she saw it was us she snarled and reached her hand into the bag. She managed to pull out the Starburst with the spider on out of the bag. She screamed and boy, it was the loudest scream I had ever heard. We managed to stifle our giggles as the people sitting around us shushed Courtney.

Courtney huddled up in a ball on her seat and looked extremely gloomy. Whilst we settled down, shared our sweets, smiled and had loads of fun! That’s us - Best Friends. All under the protective wing of my Guardian Angel.

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