Sacrifise Myself!

Juliette Smith has a perfect life, young, beautiful, handsome husband. She has everything. But when John has to go off to fight in Afganistan, how will she cope without him? Will he ever escape the dooming shadows of war and loss. Will her life long love ever come back to her? And what sacrafices will she make to be with her love forever?

I hope you enjoy:) I haven't finished the story yet but I will carry on writing chapters so keep checking up? Thanks:)!

Please give me feedback on name suggestions. I want to change John's name because there is already a famous book by Nicolas Sparks 'Dear John':L?


2. Rememberance.

Days had passed since John had left England.

Juliette woke up to the sound of screaching birds. She no longer had anything to appreciate. Juliette managed to drag herself out of bed, she felt a tornado inside of her head. She dragged open the curtains and looked outside. It was a typical March morning; grey skies, frowning sun. She carefully ran her finger down a crack in the glass. Finally managing to move her legs, Juliette walked over to and sat down on the bed. The pillow was stained with tears.


Julliette went downstairs and made herself a cup of tea. She sat down on the sofa and curled up  her legs. While down there, all alone, she had a lot of time. A lot of time to herself, to think. To think deep thoughts. Why? Why her? Why him? Why now? Why, why, why!? A question that couldn't be answered. Juliette often thought too much, then put herself in a bad mood. Realising this, she quickly finished her drink and went upstairs to her room.

She put on a red, velvet dress, a long black coat and black heels, only to be worn on the best occasion. Her long, blonde hair cascaded down passed her shoulders. Her lips, scarlet red like a drop of blood on a newly fallen blanket of pure snow. She headed outside and starting walking along the cracked path running alongside the road. She took a shortcut through a gap in the fence and walked into the community park. The blossom on the trees was just starting to come out. She took a pearly coloured rose and picked off the petals, one by one. She got to a bench in the middle of the park surrounded by a small lake covered in waterlilies. There was a long wooden bridge stretching from the green to the bench. In the summer, you can stand in the middle of the bridge, it would open and you could take small boats around the lake and watch it come to life. It really was one of the most beautiful, picturesque scenes!  A cherry tree was growing behind the bench and it's delicate blossom gently drifted every now and then, covering the bench with a thin layer of sweet rose. Juliette sat down on one side of the bench. The same side she sat 4 years ago when John proposed to her! The same time the cherry tree was planted. On the back of the bench, there was a gold plaque.  It read,

"To Juliette, my love. May this plaque let us remember our love, even after we are gone."


Juliette looked at her hand and touched her ring on her fourth finger. She slowly ran her finger over the writing on the plaque, admiring every letter. Tears started dripping from her eyes. She remembered all the families yesterday. So proud to be waving away their loved ones, so happy for them. Why couldn't she be happy!? Juliette felt so selfish and the guilt was eating away at her from the inside! But it was true, as much as it killed her to think so.

      The park was empty. There was no one there to  hear her cries. Juliette walked onto the bridge and cried into the lake, for only there did her tears seem small.

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