Sacrifise Myself!

Juliette Smith has a perfect life, young, beautiful, handsome husband. She has everything. But when John has to go off to fight in Afganistan, how will she cope without him? Will he ever escape the dooming shadows of war and loss. Will her life long love ever come back to her? And what sacrafices will she make to be with her love forever?

I hope you enjoy:) I haven't finished the story yet but I will carry on writing chapters so keep checking up? Thanks:)!

Please give me feedback on name suggestions. I want to change John's name because there is already a famous book by Nicolas Sparks 'Dear John':L?


1. Goodbyes.

"I have to go now," John whispered to Juliette.

Juliette continued to hug John and started crying.She felt a tug on the bottom of her blue dress. A young girl was staring up at her, clueless as to what was going on. Juliette took a folded up photo from her pocket and help it ini her hand while wiping away her tears with the other. She glanced at the photo and squeezed it tightly. It was the two of them on their wedding day. John wearing a jet black suit with a scarlet rose in his pocket. Juliette's dress flowing down passed her ankles and trailing in the sand. Juliette remembered the whole day like it was yesterday. They walked along the coast, hand in hand. While the small waves circled their feet like mini hurricanes attacking a small bunch of towers. The sun was slowly setting down behind the horizon, turning the vast ocean a light amber. The waves rippled far into the distance.

John had already loaded his things onto the plane and was about to step on. He turned around and waved one last time, then he was gone.

Juliette felt the tug on her dress again. "Where's everybody going?" the young girl asked curiously. She obviously couldn't find her mother.

"They.." she started. She took a deep breath in and held back her tears, as not the upset the young girl. "They're going to Afganistan to fight. But don't worry, he'll be back soon!" Juliette assured the girl, although she wasn't convinced herself.


There was a woman calling, "Emma, Emma!" A lady was looking around anxiously. Juliette went up to her,

"Is this child yours?" she asked.

"Yes!" she replied, "thank you!" she told Juliette gratefully. Then she took Emma's hand and walked off.



By the time Juliette got home, it was already dark. The air was cold and sharp like a frozen blade of grass. Juliette got inside, kicked off her shoes and went straight to her room. She sat on her bed with three different photo albums on her lap. All containing pictures of John and her. After a while, she tried to get to sleep. She looked up at the clock, "03:09am". She sighed and fell back onto her bed. Juliette stretched her arm over the other side of the mattress. The bed felt so empty without John by her side.

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