Through the clouds

Jazz has a phobia of heights. So when she has to pick something off the list at random for charity, she has to jump out of a plane!!!! Will she put herself before others...


2. Why me????

I stayed behind class like sir said. Because yes, I do have questions. I don't think Mr.Porkie was expecting anyone to stay because he looked abit frazzled! "Yes girls. Do you have a question?" he asked
"Well...actually...I do." I replied
"Ok...go on"
"Well. I know you said no swapping...but..."
"NO. I said no and I mean no. Ok?" he said angrily.
"No it's not ok. I don't want to do it. Why me?" I asked.
"Look. I know about your fear of heights but, you have to do it."
"No I don't. It is my worst nightmare."
"Stop being so self-centred. Image how all the poor sick, homeless people feel. You first training session is next week period 3. No buts..."
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