Through the clouds

Jazz has a phobia of heights. So when she has to pick something off the list at random for charity, she has to jump out of a plane!!!! Will she put herself before others...


4. 😄 to 😞

As I met the people who I was going to jump for, I felt abit better about the whole thing. Like I'm just being silly. I'm just going to jump out a plane at 50,000ft. No I won't say that. I will say I am going to...ummmmm...and change the subject! I don't want to remind myself.

On Friday I had Mr.Porkie first and second period. Double Porkie. Although he has lost all his hair, has an annoying voice and makes bad jokes. He isn't that bad. I'm joking of course. I hate him, he hates me. So what? He's just a teacher...right? Wrong. It turns out that if one teacher doesn't like you, none of them will!

When I was walking out of form, my friend Zack was running up to me. "You alright babes?" he shouted across the ELRC.
"Yeah. Alright thanks. What about you?" I replied
"Alright I suppose. Got double Porkie. Hahahaha."
"Why is it so funny?"
"It's called sarcasm deary." he has the loudest voice so whenever he talks everybody stares.
"Shut up!"
"Hahahahaha you say it so funny. Like your Fromm Essex."
"Go away. I don't. Know why I walk with you!"

When I walked in Mr.Porkie started questioning me about Henry 8th. Sasha is really smart so she mouthed the answers to me behind his back. "Ok. You have successfully passed the Porkie quizz. Go to your seat. Remember, no talking today eh? If you do I might out you on report. You don't want that." he said in a stern voice.

I got a text in history from The African Donation saying: "Hi Jazz, we are going to have to move your date for jumping out the plane to next week. Sorry about any inconvenience. See you tomorrow for your next Tranning." ...Sorry for any inconvenience. I could feel my mouth slowly sliding down my face. Tears started to form in my eyes. I can't do this.

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