Through the clouds

Jazz has a phobia of heights. So when she has to pick something off the list at random for charity, she has to jump out of a plane!!!! Will she put herself before others...


3. The African Donation

On Friday, I thought it was just going to be a normal Friday. Maths first, then Science, P.E, English and Tec. In P.E, at the awkwardest moment, my P.E teacher walked in. "Jazz, there is an African man waiting for you."
"Kk." I got re-dressed and walked out the blue girls changing rooms.
"Ahhhh, Jazz is it?" The man said shaking my hand.
"Yeah. And your..." I replied.
"Mowamba. I am here from the African Donation. The charity your jumping out a plane for..."
"oh yes. I remember now. Mr.Porkie must have chosen a charity for me." Great, I thought to myself.
"Would you like to follow me. We are going to go to the Tranning grounds."
"Oh...ok. It's abit soon isn't it?"
"No no. I would like to see how you train. Are you exited?"
" Not really. I'm petrified. I have a phobia of heights you see bu..."
"You are going to do it...aren't you?"
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