Through the clouds

Jazz has a phobia of heights. So when she has to pick something off the list at random for charity, she has to jump out of a plane!!!! Will she put herself before others...


6. On the count of 3

It was the day of the jump. The day I die. Everybody thinks I'm being stupid. But I'm not. "Come on Darlin your gonna be late." mum shouted up the stairs.
"That's what I'm aiming to do." I replied.

Somehow, my got me out of my room and I was now in my car."You nervous Sweetie?" She asked
"Well...what do you think?" I growled.
"Alright love." She grabbed my knee. "Whenyour ready to talk we'll talk."

My trainer was waiting for me outside. "Hello Jazz, you exited?" He asked.
"No. Not really."
"Ok then. Go get your stuff on the plane is here already."

I 3walked into the changing rooms. There was another lady in there who had just done the jump saying how great it was.

After that fear took over me because all I can remember was my stripy socks dangling out the plane. Looking down. Thinking I would throw up. "On the cout of 3 ok? 1...2...3." It was time. The wind was blowing throw my hair. I felt free. My face was blowing back. I couldn't stop now. We started to slow down because he released the parachute.
"Was that good?" he asked when we landed."
"Yeah. It was great."
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