Through the clouds

Jazz has a phobia of heights. So when she has to pick something off the list at random for charity, she has to jump out of a plane!!!! Will she put herself before others...


1. A random list

When I woke up Monday morning I found myself lying on my sofa in my living room, already in my uniform. I wasn't sure if I was still asleep but then my little sister came and jumped on me. If I was asleep, I am pretty sure I would of woken up by now. "Gooood Moooorning Jazzy,," she said in her little baby voice.
"ugggg get off me Cindy. You know not to call me Jazzy. Just Jazz. Ok?" I said angrily.
She started weeping running to mum. Why do I have to have the most annoying little sister ever. My phone started buzzing. It was my best friend Sasha texting me. She's lovely but can be annoying. She's a morning person. I'm not!

I got up and waddled to my room. I tried to figure out what to do with my hair. I jet black side cut. The only problam is, when tou have a side cut you can't do much with it! Although, I am a natural ginger, I died my hair black a few years ago. I wanted to be abit gothic and stuff. My Mum also says I wear to much makeup. I disagree. I only wear: foundation, black eye shadow, fake eye lashes, (Somtimes just loads of mascara,) blush, lip stain, lip gloss and powder, (to seal it all in!)

I left to late so I just had to grab my bag and run to school. On my way I saw a man at the top of a telephone pole. I froze just staring. Wondering how he could do that. I have a phobia of heights. I couldn't bare to watch anymore so I just kept running.

It turned out that I missed the whole of form and the first 15 minutes of P.D. Mr.Pockie asked me why I was late so I said I went to the doctors. "Ok then." he said, "I'm sorry but when you weren't here I was explaining your homework assignment. Basically, you have to do something for charity. Everybody picked off a list I made. But since you were late, you have the last one that is left. I have arranged for your to jump out of a plane in about 3 months time. Now go sit down. If you would like to know more bout it stay behind after class. I have also made it very clear that swapping is not allowed, and if you do not do it, you will fail this class..." he explained...
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