Too soon

Jayne was more than excited when she got the perfect puppy for her birthday. She knew everything about dogs, how to look after them, when they needed to be take to the vets, how to train them etc.. She was most prepared for the unexpected... but she didnt expect the unexpected.


1. Another Birthday



Generally today has been a pretty rubish birthday. The usual birthday stuff happend, opening presents and cards in the morning with my mum looking proudly on, getting the birthday bumps from the boys at school, and the teachers telling me to take my badge off because it is 'not school uniform'. I was actually made to go to school on my birthday! Tami's so lucky because she gets a day off for her birthday every year, because its in the holidays. Tami's my bestfriend ever, and the only one who listens to me moaning about birthdays. Last year for her twelfth she went to the seaside with her mum, eating sweets and icecream and going on rollercoasters. My birthday normally consists of double maths, German, Geography and PE! I was so jealous of her the days after she came back from the seaside, she had been on one particular ride I really wanted to go on. I cant even remember the name now, which proves I musnt have wanted to go on it that badly, but I do remember her telling me about it non-stop. I was so sick of her telling me of the flashing lightbulbs illuminating the eerie tunnels, a whirl of colours as bold music blurted out the speakers. The sticky smell you could never quite get away from, of freshly spun candyfloss. And that was just the funfair! But what really made me think when i couldnt stand Tami, is that she probably couldnt stand me with all my moaning and groaning. Exactly why we're best friends.


I slung my worn school bag on the laminate floor of our hallway. The musty daytime aroma filled the air, it was a good smell; comforting and so very home-like. My dog immeadiately ran to me licking my hand, its long fluffy tail wagging, as a greeting back home. I wish. Since this day six years ago, on my seventh birthday, I have been asking for a dog. Im not a spoilt little brat at all, i dont have latest designer shoes because I dont even want them. Other teens are practically willing to chop there  right arm off for particular brands of jeans, but im happy with my Tesco quality jeans. I dont want, or even need, the new style of ray-bans just because they're a different shade of orange. I just want a dog.

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