Always for her

She moved slowly, like her muscles wouldn’t work quickly enough. She wiped a strand of red hair out of her brown vacant eyes, she looked like she was falling and struggling to focus. I wrapped her hands around mine, ruined and cut. Her hands where slow and unmoving as she watched up into my watery eyes. My stomach’s tossing; I look into her eyes as she smiles uncharacteristically,
“I’m sorry, Lilac.” She whispered croakily in small quick gasps, her voice stuttering and her eyes attempting to smile, her cracked lips began to bleed. I nodded,
“No, Hope. Stay still.” I say worriedly, propping her head up with ripped bloody jacket, pushing her shoulder down slightly but firmly. She nodded hesitantly; the bloody gorge in her stomach stopped her chest from moving in and out. I don’t want to cry, I am strong. I was strong. But seeing her dying face in my ruined arms, made my heart collapse. She was the closest thing I had to hope, and now she was dead. Her name, Hope. I knew once she smiled


10. The Great Escape


Luckily for us, Lloyd was the boy who checked on us. He ducked in, I lay on the floor, an arrow resting on my chest, and then a horrified look covered his beautiful face.

“What happened?” he asked distraught, Hope was hidden well in the shadows of the room. He was on the sandy floor beside me. His fingers wrapped unconisouly around mine; I could feel his tears on my face. He let out a yell; soon two boys appeared in the doorway. Hurrying down they noticed me, I was unmoving. So to them I was, dead. Lloyds hand left mine, and turned to them

“She’s dead and the other girl’s gone.” he said, they all looked at each other

“Bring her out here.” One of them decided, Lloyd lifted me carefully. That was my chance, I squeezed his hand. I could feel his surprise as he looked down at me, I fluttered my eyes. He gasped and I could see on his face he was angry. But he played along, but this time wasn’t so careful

“Put her down there.” One of the signalled, Lloyd dropped me, no carefulness implied; I hit the sandy ground with sharp pain. I felt suddenly mean, but that was wrong.

“Find the girl, search the perimeter. Where’s Hunter?” he asked, one of the men looked confused and dashed down into the small sand pit, I knew he would discover him soon,

“Dead.” He said returning. Lloyd looked at me, distraught covered his gorgeous face, yet I didn’t move nor did his lips. Then the signal came, it was the fire I had been waiting for. I was surprised, but the flames where a light, all three boys looked startled and turned in the direction of the fire

“Chase, Lloyd that way.” He pointed, but Lloyd hesitated

“Crown, you go. I’ll stay here and make sure this is no false trick.” He said, the boy named Crown rose and Chase close behind him disappeared into the direction of the fire. I waited, then Lloyd met, me his hands on my shoulders and he shook me

“You really wanted me to believe that didn’t you, Lilac?” he hissed, he was angry, I nodded “You wanted me to think that the girl of my life was dead? Have you ever felt that much pain?” he demanded, his voice was fierce and deathly. I felt worried, but I pulled out of his arms and turned to the small sandy pit,

“I’m sorry Lloyd.” I whispered truthfully, as I jumped down and found Hope. Our plan was working; I grabbed her, slinging her arm around my shoulder. I wasn’t waiting for his dismissal, but yet he stood in our way, “Move.” I whispered, he shook his head

“Then come with us.” I said quickly, not really thinking. But he didn’t hesitate, he grabbed his rucksack. I watched him in confusion, and grabbed Hope’s other arm

“We could make it five miles tonight. Then she needs to rest.” Lloyd explained. I nodded, luckily we escaped the camp.


We where well out of the way by dawn, our only problem was all of our belongings and way back. Hope had tried explaining but both me and Lloyd where useless.

“Let me collect some fire wood and you to set up a camp. Okay?” he explained. I nodded and placed Hope down on a small stump and began collecting the remaining of the wood around the tree.

“I’m not sure.” Hope whispered. I looked at her confused

“What?” I asked as I placed them in the middle and turned to her

“Lloyd.” She explained, I nodded. ”We need his help.” I replied, Hope nodded and didn’t reply. I started the fire; worriedly I collected a few grubs and cooked them over the small cracking fire. Luckily I had taken two rolls and some cold pasta from the camp, just in case we got lost. I removed them from my satchel and began rationing,

“Lilac, I have some mushrooms in my bag.” She said, I glanced at her rucksack, and then rummaged through. Inside was fresh bandages and a store of neatly packed food, I didn’t know Hope very well but I was instantly proud of her, and her sleeping bag was wrapped neatly at the bottom with her jeans wrapped around them. I didn’t notice she had a rucksack the whole time; I grabbed her bag and pulled out her sleeping bag and her clean jeans and t-shirt.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” I demanded, pulling out the tablets from her front pocket

“I had forgotten.” She said honestly. I nodded and sat her down on the floor and helped her change, cleaning her wound on thy. It was raw and ripped, her muscle destroyed. I gasped, she looked at me ”What’s wrong?” she asked, I shook my head and gulped

“No, its better.” I lied biting my tongue. She nodded and smiled clearly relived by my little lie. I lay her down on her sleeping bag and tried to clean her clothes. Sadly there wasn’t a river around and I knew we would have to have water some time.


Lloyd returned to the rescue he had a large bucket filled to the brim with clean water and a variety of herbs and spices. I had made a kind of wall like he and the other boys had done, only out of falling logs. Placing them in a kind of circle and our fire in the middle. We didn’t have a tent and only two sleeping bags. Luckily Lloyd had caught some trout in the river where he had got all the water, I washed all of our clothes one by one, there was a cold wind, so sitting in my tights and baggy t-shirt, and I scrubbed my clothes.

“Here.” Lloyd said, passing me his huge coat. I didn’t resist I simply shrugged my arms into the sleeves and continued to wash my bloodstained trousers and jumper.

“Is Hope asleep?” I asked, he nodded. He looked tired

“You should rest.” He said, I shook my head, although I felt exhausted, I didn’t feel like sleeping. I turned to him

“When you thought I was dead, how did you feel?” I asked, he sighed and didn’t answer instantly, his eyes looked wounded and broken. I dropped out gaze and looked away quickly. 

“Distraught, heartbroken.” He whispered painfully. I shook my head and cupped his chin with my spare hand

“Never feel like that again, okay?” I whispered angrily, a small smile spread onto his face. But it was lifeless, so I kissed him, it felt perfect. Impossible and beautiful. I don’t know what my instinct was. But I felt I had to, his lips where soft and gentle. It felt real, Lloyd was real. He was the only thing I had left, I let go of him, my hand released the washing and stood up

“I need to rest.” I whispered. He nodded and watched me descend to his sleeping bag and curl up. Pulling the sleeping bag over my head I fell into a deep entrancing swallowing sleep. 

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