Always for her

She moved slowly, like her muscles wouldn’t work quickly enough. She wiped a strand of red hair out of her brown vacant eyes, she looked like she was falling and struggling to focus. I wrapped her hands around mine, ruined and cut. Her hands where slow and unmoving as she watched up into my watery eyes. My stomach’s tossing; I look into her eyes as she smiles uncharacteristically,
“I’m sorry, Lilac.” She whispered croakily in small quick gasps, her voice stuttering and her eyes attempting to smile, her cracked lips began to bleed. I nodded,
“No, Hope. Stay still.” I say worriedly, propping her head up with ripped bloody jacket, pushing her shoulder down slightly but firmly. She nodded hesitantly; the bloody gorge in her stomach stopped her chest from moving in and out. I don’t want to cry, I am strong. I was strong. But seeing her dying face in my ruined arms, made my heart collapse. She was the closest thing I had to hope, and now she was dead. Her name, Hope. I knew once she smiled


7. Our Plan


Our Plan was prepared. There where two hundred and forty six of us. We decided we would split into groups of six, that way there would be forty one groups for them to target. We would set up separate camps; the field covered about fifty acres. A smart girl with short blonde hair and pixie green eyes had discovered the school secret supply of camping equipment. We packed our bags, filled them to the brim with supplies we would need and then snuck down into the kitchen and carefully manovered through the amount of food. I understood that the fight could last up to six months. So whilst Hope and I decided we would be the first to receive some food, I thought quickly and slyly. I crept into the downstairs food supply room, as Hope entered the kitchen. It was the middle of the night so nobody was up, taping carefully in the alarm, I pushed open the heavy metal door. The room smelt of mixed foods, cabbages, bread, beans, cheese. I turned to the nearest shelf, opening up the cardboard box I began to pour piles of food inside. Pleased, I managed to fill two carry bags and a large cardboard box. I met Hope on the landing; she had about the same amount. Grinning, we went to our dorm we removed all the foods and separated them into forty one equal groups. Hope, Cloven and Becaly dropped off the foods to the different dorms and a large flask of water and tea.


The girls in our dorm were all washed, there hair all wet, in their thickest clothes as we had packed all our bedcovers and sheets into our rucksacks, and I was the last to wash my hair. I spent longer than I should have down allowing the semi cold water to rush over me. climbing out eventually, I pulled a small uncomfortable towel out of the cupboard, the final one remaining and placed it around my shoulders as I changed into my thick winter tights, under my baggy black hunting jeans, my thin vest, a long sleeve top and my jumper then jacket. I decided I would wear most of my clothing so that I didn’t have to carry to much as I would be fighting. My rucksack wasn’t huge, but it was rather heavy as I was carrying the tent. I peeked out of the small window in the bathroom, behind the thin vale of dirty white fabric, was a raining miserable morning. We would be fighting in less that four hours and it was raining. Annoyed I hide the window once more and hoped that it would dry out for later.


But it didn’t, we had ten minutes before we had to gather in the hall for our prep meeting and it was now thundering. Some of the girls hoped they might put off tomorrow, but I knew they wouldn’t. The bell rang for us to assemble in the hall, gasping quickly and placidly I nodded and checked the room for anything else. The beds where bare and the cabinets empty. I breathed carefully. I may never see this place again, personally I felt like dancing. But instead I hurried down the large foyer where Mrs Rowland stood looking at us with confusion. I assumed she was looking at the amount of luggage we where taking, but she kept her ruby red lips closed. I looked at her; today she wore a tight fighting black dress with a grey cropped jacket and a red neck tie, her hair was down, it was wispy and stranded she looked rather ill. But I supposed it was worry. Behind her was two male expectors, one with short fluffy hair and broad shoulders, the other with no hair and a large plump body. Miss Calt pushed open the large foyer doors, and unexpected light beamed onto us, we where raised, the other students where awake and sitting on chairs watching us. Mrs Rowland clapped her skinny hands twice and then entered the stage in front off us. They where all cheering, it made me feel sick. Coughing I turned to Hope, who was begging to cry. We where led of the stage into ten helicopters. My stomach did ten little somersaults as a bulky man assisted us onto the helicopter. The journey was about an hour, but for all I know we could have been spinning around in circles. We where given a blind fold. The shutters drawn so we couldn’t see out and map an escape route, but I wouldn’t have tried even if I could. We had decided, that the first three groups would escape, leaving the other thirty eight behind and starting camps and getting furthest possible. Me and Hope had decided our group; Cloven, Becaly, Gracea and Harmony. Would remain fighting until the last four groups descended, which could be a total day. But after resting we decided it was best.






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