Always for her

She moved slowly, like her muscles wouldn’t work quickly enough. She wiped a strand of red hair out of her brown vacant eyes, she looked like she was falling and struggling to focus. I wrapped her hands around mine, ruined and cut. Her hands where slow and unmoving as she watched up into my watery eyes. My stomach’s tossing; I look into her eyes as she smiles uncharacteristically,
“I’m sorry, Lilac.” She whispered croakily in small quick gasps, her voice stuttering and her eyes attempting to smile, her cracked lips began to bleed. I nodded,
“No, Hope. Stay still.” I say worriedly, propping her head up with ripped bloody jacket, pushing her shoulder down slightly but firmly. She nodded hesitantly; the bloody gorge in her stomach stopped her chest from moving in and out. I don’t want to cry, I am strong. I was strong. But seeing her dying face in my ruined arms, made my heart collapse. She was the closest thing I had to hope, and now she was dead. Her name, Hope. I knew once she smiled


12. I was the Killer


“Your going to kill me.” he whispered, I nodded and bit my lip and then, without warning, I broke into a run. My arrow slung around my neck, I realised I hadn’t paid attension to our way in and I was begging to worry. When I heard the gunshot. I broke into a faster more slick run, my legs began to feel weightless and they finally gave way. I tumbled down helplessly into a small wooded area. I decided I would start running again later, but I needed to rest. I only hoped that Hope and Lloyd where safe. I crossed my fingers Harmony was still alive and able to escape. But I had a feeling Solomon was dead.


I lay awake in worry for many hours but after I soon began to drift, my eyes ached and I managed to allow my self to sleep. When I awoke the sun was weak and I could see it was going to rain, collecting some edible berries, I started working out a route. I knew that I had come from the east. So I started in the west. So I came across the smell of burning logs and small whispers, the occasional russle in the undergrowth. I remained hidden until I could have a closer look. Then with amazement I saw, Lloyd, Cloven and Hope all gathered in the small hidden opening. I wondered how Hunter and Cloven had arrived- that that it really mattered. Throwing myself into her arms I rocked her, it took them a small while to register it was me when I pried of Cloven and grasped tightly by Hope who looked ill and tiered. I wondered if Lloyd had been helping her. I hugged her

“Where have you been?” she whispered worriedly, I could tell she didn’t sleep that night

“Harmony. I found her she was kidnapped, I mislead the guard. But she could be dead.” I whispered trying to register my emotions but I ended up crying. I was thrown into Lloyds arms, or maybe he caught me. But I didn’t care, he comforted me. He insisted I sleep, but I needed to talk to Cloven. They allowed me a few seconds of peace whilst I washed my face with a small bucket of water and brushed my hair and changed into my spare jeans and a vest top and my jacket. It was a warm day but I decided I would clean everything so I was left with a small top and a huge jacket to wear. I could smell the fresh leaves and relaised we where in spring. I thought I could hear the sound of running water, that I only hoped.

“Can I talk to you?” I asked Cloven who was perched high in the tree we where sleeping under, she nodded and leapt out elegantly and landed in crouch.

“Shall we walk beside the river?” she suggested. I nodded. We walked for a small distance, I could still see Lloyd in the tree watching us. I assumed I wouldn’t be leaving his sight for a while.

“Everything okay?” she asked, although she almost knew the answer

“No. I want to find Harmony.” I said, Cloven looked at me a confused expression on her young face.

“I thought you had found her?” she said, I nodded

“Yes. I did but I want to know our enemies. I want to know there stragies everything they do first we need to be quicker. Be than the best.” I said, Cloven shook her head

“There is only one way to do that and that’s to be the better villain.” She said, I shook my head disagreeing with her. she wasn’t making any sense to me

“What?” I asked, she smiled simply

“Your friend, Lloyd. He’s on the ‘enemies’ team and he needs to die. To be the better villain you have to complete that successfully.” She said, I looked at her my mouth hanging open, she wanted Lloyd dead.

“No. Lloyd cant die.” I said my mouth gaping as I shook my head

“That’s a lie, Lilac and you know it.” she said picking a ripe raspberry from a near by bush, crushing it in her mouth. Her tongue covered the berry and then she swallowed. I turned to see Lloyd watching us with a merrily happy expression. Her arrow was in her hands

“I’ll fire if I must.” She whispered. I shook my head and swallowed hard and then drew out mine and aimed it Cloven

“Don’t make me hurt you.” I whispered, she smiled slowly

“Tough.” She said then drawing back her golden arrow she fired it. It flew swiftly through the air, I noticed Lloyd, his eyes widened as he attempted to jump, but he was too high. It struck him; a piercing yelp escaped his beautiful mouth. I fired my arrow, it struck her in the leg, allowing her to collapse, I dashed in the direction of Lloyd. His beautiful body lay limp on the floor. I gasped in horror, and knelt down beside him, removing my jacket I placed it over his wounds

“What happened?” Hope asked, she had her basket slung around her waist two dead rabbits and some grubs lay in it. she gasped in shock and knelt down beside him. I began to cry

“You must have something, Hope. Please.” I whispered, she nodded and didn’t hesitate. She rummaged through her medical box and soon returned with a small flask containing a strong blue liquid. Undoing the cork, she brushed his hair back and clutched his other hand and poured the liquid down his throat.

“Let him sleep. He should be okay, and allow me to attend his wounds.” She said, I nodded and shuffled over to his sleeping bag and rucksack. Rummaging through I found an old sketch book, opening it I looked curiously at the careful drawings of me. I was beautiful, but I looked deadly and unrealistic. Then there was one of him, although he was hurt and I was there, I was the killer.


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