Darkness vs Light

Scarlett has to pick one to love her best friend Gabriel who is also a angel or the boy she always had a crush on Damon a vampire.But whoever she picks her life would become dangerous.Which one would she pick?


1. My best Friend

I waved to Gabriel and watched as he walked up to me.

"Hey Red Muffin"Gabriel whispered to me pinching my cheek.

"Hey Angel"I whispered and touched his blonde hair. We each gave ourself a nickname he was angel as he looked like one and I was Red Muffin as I had striking red hair.

"Did you do your homework"Gabriel asks me.

"Yes why"I mumble.

"May I copy it"Gabriel asks doing the puppy dog eyes.

"Fine"I mumble.

"Your the best friend ever"Gabriel exclaims.

"I know that would cost you a scoop of ice cream"I whisper.Gabriel winks at me. Suddenly Damon my forever crush walks to me.

"Hi"I stutter.

"Hi what's your name"he asks.

"..Scarlett"I mumble.

"Your pretty Scarlett do you want to go on a date tomorrow at 5"He asks.I  nod.

"Pick you at 4.30 at your house at 5"He whispers and walks off.Gabriel smiles at me.

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