When reality is most bizarre

I do not know where I am. I do not know why I'm here. I do not know how I got here. But I do know that this is strange, and probably bad.


1. The last trip

I just realized that forever might end up taking quite a lot of time.

I had never considered how long forever might be, but I definitely didn’t think it would take this long, and I had only been here for two weeks! My first day here had been rather chaotic to say the least!

I regained my consciousness at the top of some ridiculously long staircase.

Though there had been some mysterious cold light coming from the other side of wall, or at least that’s what I thought at the time, later of course I had found out that it was the entryway to heaven.

I on the other hand, didn’t think any further thoughts and decided to take the easiest option, going down the stair and try to find someone to explain this mystery to me.

I have no idea about how far down I went, it could have been 10 maybe 20 minutes but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was actually hours or even days, but one thing was sure, I was starting to worry and get slightly suspicious.

Finally something broke the silence, I took it as evidence that I wasn’t deaf I hadn’t thought about saying something aloud myself just to check, but simply rather unconsciously making the statement that there wasn’t any sounds so these new additions to me unknown surroundings was actually a rather welcomed one, at first I didn’t recognize the sounds and therefore I didn’t hesitate to proceed towards what was about to give me the chock of my life, that is if I were still alive I was starting to doubt the possibility of this being a dream, and my next pick on the list of possibilities were me being dead.

But that thought was very alarming even as just a passing thought of possibilities.




Those were just few of those questions that I suddenly had rolling into my head, I hadn’t even really thought about where I might end up by following this stair, and little by little I started to get the feeling that going down this stair might prove to be quite a bad idea.

The sounds kept getting louder and louder, and I couldn’t exactly pinpoint where the sounds, or now, rather noises were coming from, but I started to suspect that it came from whatever it was that was at the end of this stair and I got more and more uneasy doubting my choice once again.

I walked further and further down the stairs and the noise turned into screams and pleas for mercy, a mercy that, by the sounds of it, would not be given.

The screams grew higher and higher by each step I took, and suddenly I felt very unsafe be-cause now the screams sounded as if they were just right there before me that exact moment, when I thought that, I walked straight into something or somebody, I figured it was something because it was hard as a rock and enormous.

Tall as a two story house or maybe even three stories, when I looked up I noticed that I could actually see.

Everything had been complete and utterly black, this was different there was some strange dark light coming from the other side of this enormous wall.

Now I noticed that I was standing right about in the middle of an enormous gate, each side of the gate must have been about 45-50 feet and by each side of the gate were two torches, they didn’t provide much light that was probably why I had walked into the gate in the first place after all there was pretty damn dark all around me.

At the top of the stair there had been quite cold and moist but down here there were dryer than any dessert and warmer than an oven.

I came to the conclusion that there must be someone behind the gate, why build a gate this big if you aren’t trying to keep either something in or something out, I for one kind of hope for the latter option but then again that would mean that I at the moment were closer to whatever someone was trying to keep away which most likely means that it’s something fairly dangerous.

I quickly thought about my possibilities, if I stated yelling for someone to hear me whatever creature on my side of the gate might attack, but on the other hand if I stayed silent I would be stuck here, again there was the deal about the possibility of being attacked by some unknown creature.

I decided to try with the yelling idea, not that it was likely to be heard with all the yelling there was going on at the other side of the gate, but for now I saw it as my only choice.

I started yelling while knocking my fists on the gate “hello? Anybody there?” I stopped momentarily to listen for some sort of response, there were nothing I decided I would try until I had someone hear me, or got eaten, I tried again “hello please answer if you can hear me” I then heard a, not loud but still, thunderous voice coming from the other side of the gate “I’m coming, I’m coming for the rage of Lucifer you’re the ones who are early not me!”

The gate slowly opened and while I were in deep thought about what he meant with that statement, the gate reviled a creature about twice as tall as me and horns, before I could say anything he spoke again “are you the only one? I was expecting a whole lot from canvas tonight are they late? Did you see anybody else at the top of the stairs?” I shook my head “no, I saw nobody except myself” a minute or two passed before the creature talked again but he still looked deep in thought “well follow me and we’ll find out where you supposed to be” I nodded and went in after him still keeping silent, not wanting to anger him, or anybody else for that matter.

The screams were louder in here.

I was looking around to see if I could characterize or I don’t really know, I guess I was just looking for some sign to tell me that this really was a dream a result of my imagination, because obviously it didn’t seem possible that it was real.

At my left there were the start of a forest of dead trees, on my right there was a lake, but mysteriously enough it was almost completely black, the more I looked at it the more uneasy I became, because just then a body surfaced with a strained scream, then disappeared down again.

“What was that?” I asked with shaking voice, it was not this tall creature who I was following who answered my question but a young extremely beautiful female she answered with a sugary sweet and tempting voice “that lake is filled with the blood of its residents” she said with a small laugh “they will forever be drowning in their own blood” she continued on with an evil yet flirtatious grin.

She looked more human and some of my unease disappeared, and with a slightly calmer voice I asked “who are you?” she made a small giggle and jumped down walked a few steps towards me and did an overplayed curtsy, her fiery red hair with black “highlights” fell down in front of her face tipping her head slightly upward she introduced herself, “I” she gestured towards herself “am a temper, and my name is Satina, Satina Mortem” she added with a devilish grin.

Now the creature I was supposed to follow turned around “are you coming or what, you may have eternity ahead of you but I’d like to get home in time for dinner” I quickly composed myself and hurried towards him Satina yelled after me, or I guess it was partially meant for the creature “I’ll see you later, and you” she said pointing one of her long slender white fingers, with shiny black nails, at me

“Welcome to Hell”.  

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