The Clockmaker's Daughter

David Jones... an amazing watchmaker, always makes the most beautiful clockwork... but he gives his most prized to his fourteen year old daughter, Amanda Jones. A pendant watch necklace with a bird and flowers on it; Amanda's favourite possesion. When Amanda goes missing, all they found was her pendant watch necklace in the woods. A book by Chloe Munro (SonicRider)


1. Beautiful gifts

Davids POV.

My stunning daughter Amanda Jones's birthday today, 14 years ago she was a little infant in my arms. Children grow up so fast. So many memories made in this little cottage at the end of the town, next to the woods. It's really a beautiful scene, as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it, and so did Carolyne, my wife. The kids, both Amanda and Kathrine, adore it. The nature around it inspires me when creating art to go on to the clockwork.

Amanda was opening up her presents. She got a bracelet from Kathrine, a cookery book from Carolyne and then it was time for her to open my present. The box was beautiful and she couldn't wait to open it. The delight and smile on her face was worth waiting for. I made her a pendant watch necklace especially for her. It had a bluetit on it, and a rose. There was detailed butterflies and fancy patterns on the outside. It was one of my nicest artwork and clockwork, out of my 15 years of it. It was something really to be proud of.

She put it on straight away, you could tell that she was delighted
"I love it dad, it's beautiful!" She exclaimed. Its nice to see her happy.
"Gosh Amanda, it really suits you! It goes well with your long hair" Katherine said. I must think of another design for Katherine's birthday. Carolyne was looking at me as if to say that. The girls went off to make an apple pie for dessert out of her new cookery book. How lucky I am to have such an Happy life.

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