you'll feel jealous of me after reading this one


1. 1

Oh friends! You've been everything to me

from an inspirational person to my greatest fantasy.

Life seems incomplete without you guys

my heart longs for such intimate ties.

You've poured in me your heart's love,

you've laughed n cried with me but how??


Thats why people say "A friend in need is a friend indeed"


You've been supportive throughout,

I just can't imagine a life without (you).

You've always known stuffs i wanted to get

and my deep secrets which you wont let.

You've pulled me up whenever I slipped.

In times of crisis remained tight lipped.


You've proved to me that "A friend in need is a friend indeed"


You've helped me remove my fears

and consoled me by wiping off tears.

You've stayed together during happy times

and prevented me from doing crimes!

We've spent endless time together

I wish this happiness doesn't ever wither


Listen guys "A friend you need are MY friends indeed!!"

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