Miss Unlucky

10 year old, Tasha's mum passed away when she was 7, her best friend goes out with her crush and she is picked on by the mean, popular girls in her school. One day good-looking and totally-gorge, Max arrives. He becomes popular with the girls but Tasha sees something that nobody else does...


1. The Start

Well hello there, my name's Tasha and I'm 10 years old. I live at 56 Brokestreet (Cool name,huh?) and no matter what happens in my life I am Always unlucky, left alone to pick up the pieces.

  It all started when my father dies when I was 7. After that I've just given up trying. People take one look at me and assume I'm uncool and nerdy. I'm in year 6 and my only friend is Sally, we do everything together but how I ended up with a friend like her only God knows.

  It's 6:30 am as I look at my watch, I take a sip of orange juice my mum left me by my bed and stumble uneasily to the bathroom. Another day. 'yay'.

 I hop onto the school bus and sit next to Sally. Again. Oh did I mention that she acts like a baby? Now you know now.

 "Hey, Tash", says a familiar voice behind me. It's Tom my crush, Sally's 'boyfriend', my real best friend, my cousin... All rolled up together.

 "What?", I reply loudly as the bus is getting manic.

 "I'm on Chapter 10 in the Hunger Games" He says.

 "cool",I say with a smirk.

 When we arrive at school the mean girls in my class shove their way passed me, Sally and Tom. Tom makes the sound of a chicken and I burst out laughing.

 Suddenly Ella the 'top' popular girl turns on her heel and chucks Tom and me in the recycling bin. Ouch.

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