Miss Unlucky

10 year old, Tasha's mum passed away when she was 7, her best friend goes out with her crush and she is picked on by the mean, popular girls in her school. One day good-looking and totally-gorge, Max arrives. He becomes popular with the girls but Tasha sees something that nobody else does...


3. Max

The only guy I've ever liked was Tom. He always understood me and accepted who I was. Right now It's 12:00 (lunch) and I sit on my own on table 4 (again).

  The Cafeteria is buzzing with excitement as the school dance is soon . Just as I pick up my sandwich, the new guy, Max comes and sits with me. What the hell! He's the hottest guy in our class... why is he sitting with a loser like me?

  "heya Tashie",He says casually.

  "Hi", I reply. 



 "Do you wanna..."


"...go out with me"

 I nearly choke on a bit of ham.


 "oh, It's ok if you don't"

 "Wait",I think then,"yeah, sure"




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