Miss Unlucky

10 year old, Tasha's mum passed away when she was 7, her best friend goes out with her crush and she is picked on by the mean, popular girls in her school. One day good-looking and totally-gorge, Max arrives. He becomes popular with the girls but Tasha sees something that nobody else does...


4. First Date

Getting to know Max I though was going to be hard but we're as thick as theives. We both love sausage rolls, HaHa! Anyway it's Saturday Lunch and me and Max are having our first date... somehow it seems so right and so wrong. He's so popular with all the preety girls so why go for me? I'm so over Tom, he's all Sally's! Maybe my luck is Beginning to turn!

 After eating sandwhiches, cake and a dozen sausage rolls we kiss. It feels like flying through the clouds with your true love. Aimlessly being free.There's something special about Max that no other guys can claim. It's like a flawless dress. I'm Miss Lucky now no one can stop me! ;)

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