Miss Unlucky

10 year old, Tasha's mum passed away when she was 7, her best friend goes out with her crush and she is picked on by the mean, popular girls in her school. One day good-looking and totally-gorge, Max arrives. He becomes popular with the girls but Tasha sees something that nobody else does...


2. Class

Everyone Shoves into class. Me and Tom smell like a mixture of plastic, rubber and cardboard. Fiona and Anna make pig sounds at us and scrunch up their noses. How good of them.

I'm known as Miss Unlucky even poo has higher popularity than me. Anna, Fiona and Ella don't even give me a glance unless their teasing me. Why is life so unfair?!

 Mr.Willcon is teaching Geography. What 'fun'!

 Later on we have Technology the lunch and soon it's already time to go home. I snack on a mars bar I got from the vending machine and Tom and Sally talk about their  next 'date'.

 When we get to my house we watch a movie and do some weird dancing. Then Sally and Tom go home. Hee Hee Yay me (In case you were wondering that was sarcasm).

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