The Saviours.

Lira, Aria and Maria were seperated at birth when their parents passed away. They live under the rule of their masters, but dont understand why, no one will tell them anything. In an attempt to find out the truth they are brought together like in the prophecey. They are to ones who can save their friends and family, but will they co-operate and work together, or go their own ways and refuse to listen? They are the only ones that can change the future or will it be too much for three sixteen year olds? (is a sequal to tears of a killer, but probs wont matter as the other one is too long to put on fully so only put three chapters...)


4. Lira.



“Goodnight Lucas.” I hugged Lucas placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Goodnight Lira.” I waved to Lucas until he was out of sight. I went into my bedroom flinging myself onto my bed. It was midnight and I’m wide awake. I decided instead of lying about not doing a thing I would go downstairs to the kitchen. The door made a loud screech when I opened it. I never closed it in case it made another screech. Skipping down the hall and jumping over the banister, I landed without the slightest noise made. I went into the kitchen and to my surprise someone was already there. I recognised the think black mop of hair on his head. It was the alphas thirteen year old son was sitting on the table with a tub of ice-cream and a spoon.

“Rich, got room for one more on that table?” He got the fright of his life, falling from the table. “ gave me a heart attack! Course there’s room for you. Grab a spoon.” He jerked his head towards the drawer. “Thanks. Sorry for scaring you.” I apologised, walking and getting a spoon out the drawer.”You never scared me. Just startled.” I nodded trying to give him his pride. Lifting myself onto the table to sit next to him. Taking the spoon I sunk it into the ice-cream taking a chunk out of it.

“You won’t tell my mum I was up at this time will you?” Rich’s eyes were anxious. “As long as you don’t tell Lucas I was down here.” Grinning he nodded. Within five minutes the tub of ice-cream was gone. “We should go back to bed.” I suggested. “Or we could go for a run?” Rich inserted his mind made up. “You don’t think I will sleep after all that ice-cream do you? Plus we are already breaking the rules.” I laughed confirming my answer.

We ran out the back door and into the night. “Race you round the house five times.” I shouted to Rich before shifting into my wolf form. “Prepare to lose to a thirteen year old.” Shifting into a medium sized black wolf he sped off in front of me. I let out a bark before running to catch up with him.

I kept at his speed the whole way around the house, but on the fifth time I sped up so I could beat him. Shifting into our human forms I chanted. “I beat you.” He tackled me and I pinned him. “Sore loser much?” Someone cleared their throat behind us and I felt my heart skip a beat. I helped Rich up to find Lucas and Pauline standing behind us. I let out my I’m sorry smile but Lucas was not amused. Pauline was our alpha and Rich’s mum. She had thick black hair similar to Rich’s and her bright blue eyes were furious. “Rich get up to your room right now! We will talk about this tomorrow.” He hurried past me and his mum slapped the back of his head as she followed inside. Lucas began to shake his head, his arms folded across his chest. “Lucas...” He lifted his finger and silenced me. “Just go to bed. You know you shouldn’t be outside at this time without an escort, and don’t say I wasn’t alone because Rich doesn’t count.

I bit my lip as Lucas grabbed my arm leading me inside. Turning off the lights as we went through the house Lucas never said a word. When we got to my room he opened the door and finally let go of my arm. Rubbing my arm I looked at Lucas not actually knowing what I had done wrong. All I done was go outside. “Nigh-“

“Don’t just go to bed.” He stormed off down the corridor and into his room. I lightly closed the door and got ready for bed.

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