The Saviours.

Lira, Aria and Maria were seperated at birth when their parents passed away. They live under the rule of their masters, but dont understand why, no one will tell them anything. In an attempt to find out the truth they are brought together like in the prophecey. They are to ones who can save their friends and family, but will they co-operate and work together, or go their own ways and refuse to listen? They are the only ones that can change the future or will it be too much for three sixteen year olds? (is a sequal to tears of a killer, but probs wont matter as the other one is too long to put on fully so only put three chapters...)


3. Aria.



I crept through the corridor, it was pitch black outside and the stars shone like torches. The moon was barely visible and the whole house was silent. I heard the howls of wolves outside and it brought me pleasure. They were out protecting the forest, from what I do not know. All we knew was that our masters wanted us to protect them, but I was never allowed to. Will always said it was too dangerous for me. That my father, if he was still alive would have killed him if any harm came to me. Will was always so protective over me, but I didn’t mind it. It was actually quite flattering knowing that he took on the responsibility of looking after me when my parents died. He said it was from a hunting accident, but I don’t believe him.

I opened the front door letting the forest scent fill my nose. I loved the way the forest smelt, I could almost feel everything that was happening in the forest. I could tell who was in the forest what they were doing, how they were feeling and how far away they were. I wasn’t sure if all wolves could do that but I suspected they could. Even though I got a few wolves asking ‘How you know it was me.’ I thought they were just playing though. I stepped onto the crisp autumn grass letting out a sigh. I wanted to run into the forest, jumping over rocks and trees, climbing over the mountains and go play in the river. But I couldn’t. If I took one step into the forest at night the guards would tell Will and he would tell our alpha and I would be in trouble. I had to settle for sitting on the boundaries of the forest. It sounded like there were four wolves on patrol. Will was one of them. He was the closest to the house as usual. He never went too far away from where I was. Chloe, Carter and Jessica were the other three. Jessica and Chloe were at the River and Carter was at the other side of the forest. I let out  a whimper. “Why am I always trapped at night. A wolf should be allowed to run free when they please not  confined to a cage. Even if my cage is a house.” I punched the ground in frustration.

 I know how you feel. I’m confined all year round apart from when the full moon comes out. Even then I only actually get out once a year. I’m caged as well. At least you get to come out of yours when the daylight comes out. I know and I’m sorry about that but I have to keep you caged. You make me do things I regret. Remember what happened when I let you out and we tied Carter to the tree by his tail. That was funny. He still hasn’t forgiven me, and we were kids back then. So its best you stay caged. Well in this war you will need me. Why do you keep saying war. If I’m in a fight you can come out your cage. Trust me I intend to.

“Aria, back to bed.” Will emerged from the shadows of the forest. “You know you aren’t allowed into the forest at night, so back to bed. Get some sleep.” He pointed towards the dark house. The only light on was the front porch light, which I shouldn’t of left on. “Why Can’t I come out into the forest? I will be careful, I promise I won’t get into trouble.” I clasped my hands together begging him to say ‘Oh come on then.’ “You know it’s just the rules. So back to bed. Or do I have to escort you to your room and assign pack members to make sure you stay there?” I muttered under my breath. “Why am I the only one the rule applies to.” He turned me around by my shoulder marching me towards the door. “It’s fine I will find my own way back to my room.” I pushed his hand harshly off my shoulder and went inside.


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