The Saviours.

Lira, Aria and Maria were seperated at birth when their parents passed away. They live under the rule of their masters, but dont understand why, no one will tell them anything. In an attempt to find out the truth they are brought together like in the prophecey. They are to ones who can save their friends and family, but will they co-operate and work together, or go their own ways and refuse to listen? They are the only ones that can change the future or will it be too much for three sixteen year olds? (is a sequal to tears of a killer, but probs wont matter as the other one is too long to put on fully so only put three chapters...)


1. Birth of the saviours.




Born upon the full moon on the 29th of September. The first females born into the packs in 25 years, since the punishments had been placed. The wolves used to be a proud race but now we cower in fear of the witches, 25 years ago they tried to take over our people, when we fought back we were punished. Some wolves were killed, others tortured, but they made it so that no females could be born into the packs. The punishments had been placed and 13 packs turned into 4. On this cold night in the forest the female alpha gave birth to three daughters, after giving birth to her third child the female alpha passed away, along with the alpha male. The pack ran, ordered by the alphas that if they died the pack had to try and get away, apart from a mother and her three boys. The boys were to grow up with the alphas offspring and to protect them and their mother had to let them go. Aria, Maria and Lira had to be separated for their own safety. Our masters didn’t want the prophecy to come true. So the brood were separated across the three packs. Aria was sent to the Sundew pack of the North, Maria sent to the Bloodstar pack of the South and Lira sent to the Nightrose pack of the East. Our masters hoping they would never meet.

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