Life's not easy even when your mentallity is way older than you. Diva is the one behind the scene pulling the strings, but for some reason she can't seem to fit in, and everyone in her new scchool hates her, or so it seems. Who is the villian and hwo is the good guy?


2. Chapter 2

I never really think about my parents, and if I think of them, it doesn’t take very long cause I don’t really know anything about them, other than they loved to travel and didn’t care for my very much.

After their death I had found out that my mother was a world class musician, and my dad was, for lack of words, a rich asshole.

At the reception there had been loads of ‘important’ people grieving for the loss of the great Diana and Richard Allen, I didn’t understand why they were sad I didn’t see how anybody could miss my mom and dad, cause they were never around.

I had been rolling on the floor laughing my ass of when Taia and Felic had told me a few years after, well I still felt the same way but it was none the less hilarious.

When people at the reception had told me it was going to be okay or not to cry and be strong, I had told them back that they didn’t have to tell me I knew, I had even asked some of them why they think I would cry, and they had gently told me that I’d never see my parents again I had laughed and said I knew that, but I was used to already.

Now when think back on that day I think I scared the shit out of people when I laughed instead of crying and proclaiming that I knew what dying meant and that I didn’t care.

Normal ten year old children would be devastated when someone told them they couldn’t see their parents ever again, but I have never been normal, meaning I have never been like other people my age.

I had wondered if any of them might have had some sort of skills in throwing knifes, because I definitely have skills. Music came very easily to me, I could play the grand piano, the flute, guitar, cello, violin and a few others, I think that is something I inherited from my mother, so I wondered if I had inherited my throwing skills from my dad.

But then again, I can’t imagine why my farther would need to learn a skill like that.

James had been by a few times since I told him my name, I know that sounds cheesy but nothing have happened yet, I was designing some shirts for him, and a few pair of pants – though that wasn’t something he had asked me to do but as I told him, I didn’t like his pants.

In reality I wasn’t fond of anything I hadn’t designed myself, he had said no when I wanted to design some boxers for him, and mumbled something about not letting a girl from his school know what his underwear looked like.

I had been doubled over in laughter when he had said that, and told him that with all the girls he’d been sleeping with then the right thing to say should be that he would like for there to be at least one person in this school, or town, who didn’t know what it looked like.

It really was hilarious.

Well I defied his ‘orders’ anyway, because I liked my work to be complete and now that I made clothes for him anyway I wanted him to have a complete wardrobe, it had to fit together.

I’ll just put them in the box with the rest so he’ll have to take them either way.

I laughed to myself, Taia finally went home this morning claiming Felic had to miss her, in reality she missed work, she was just as perfectionistic as me and sort of a workaholic too, she didn’t want to let any of the other workers in the shop do anything other than assisting costumers.

James was coming over this afternoon for a final fitting for the tux I had forced on him, as I said I was throughout.

I had been worried that he might show up early, before Taia went home and knowing her she wouldn’t leave knowing he would be coming over and we was going to be alone.

Something about a boy being alone with her girl didn’t go well with her ideals.

I went down to the shooting-lanes that were located underneath my garage.

I had lanes for knife-throwing, shooting of different kinds, archery and for the fun of it, a bowling alley.

It was Felic who convinced me to build the bowling alley for when he would be visiting.

Down by the lanes I had separate room where I stored all of my weapons, I loved going in there finding a knife I hadn’t used in a long time, then taking it to the lane and hitting bull’s eye on first try.

Today, what caught my eye was the first throwing knife I had bought.

I loved this particular knife because it was very easy to handle and it could be hidden easily too.

I went to the lane that was specifically designed for me and my knife-throwing.

I started aiming knowing I could throw it blindfolded and still hit the center, but taking my time anyway practice never hurt anyone.

I took my aim closed my eyes backtracked my hand, flicked my wrist and opened my eye just in time to see the knife hitting bulls eye.

I was rather satisfied, after all I hadn’t been down to practice much lately.

‘If you wanna be my lover, you got to get with my friends, make it last forever friendship never ends…’ I might have to reconsider my choices of personal ringtones.

I picked up the phone “hi, I’m standing outside” typically James, not introducing himself, I didn’t want to go up yet “can you see the largest building? I’m in the basement” I was counting on him being bold enough to just walk down here so I disconnected the call.

Sure enough I could feel him entering the basement, I would probably be able to feel it if a mosquito entered, this was place was mine, when I was in this mindset nothing would get past me it was like I could see everything even with my eyes closed.

I knew exactly where everything in the room was and now he had entered inside my barrier not knowing that if I felt like it, he would be dead in less than a second.

I think he sensed the seriousness in this room, at least he kept from getting too close, and I didn’t even have the knife in my hand.

“I’m almost done, you can wait somewhere over there. Or do you want to try?” I opened my eyes and turned to face him just as he took a step towards me.

I took the knife I had on my waist, made a fast turn and flung the knife towards the center and nailed it of cause “impressive, and quite scary” he commented “you think I’m scary?” I cocked a brow in his direction “no, not really. Just your apparent skill regarding weapon handling” he answered “well, you’ve seen nothing yet” I said with a laugh.

“So, you want to try? What about guns?” he was looking around, taking in the basement but at the mention of guns his eyes snapped up to meet mine “you have guns?” curiosity and slight fear was evident in his voice, he was intrigued  I think.

I laughed again “yes I have guns. I shoot, do archery and excel in the art of throwing knifes, I also do some physical combat practice” he looked at me probably stunned to silence “I already concluded that you were far more interesting than I first anticipated, but now it seems that you also is far more dangerous” I shrugged in some sort of agreement. “Is it even legal for you to have all these weapons?” he asked still curiosity in his voice, and I actually wondered if he usually abide by the law, he didn’t seem like one to overthink age limits – maybe he just found guns a serious business, well whatever.

“No shit Sherlock, don’t you know you have to be 21 to get a legal weapon license?” I pointed it out like it was obvious and, well, yeah it was.

“But how did you get them then? Steal them?” wait a second now he was calling me a thief? “No asshole, I bought them all! I just give them Jase’ license number and they don’t question it”.

Maybe it wasn’t completely legal considering I use another person’s license number and deceive the authorities but hey! They are on the property of the house that are legally registered under Jase.

“Wow… that’s sort of badass you know, I really don’t want to make you mad now” he made one of those  whistling sounds “I’m amazed you haven’t done anything worse than mouthing up to us and having your girlfriend send us creepy things” he mumbled half of it, but I still heard it clearly “yeah you should probably be happy that I haven’t told Jase or Felic they would probably have gone ballistic on your ass” Felic would probably do something along the lines of what Taia did, maybe a bit more violently but still out in the open, Jase and Sathea on the other hand would most likely appear to do nothing, and work behind our backs, then suddenly SLAM BAM knock you out, and they will go after what hurts, and I don’t mean physically.

If there is anybody in the world whose bad side you don’t want to be on, it’s theirs they can de down-right vicious.

“Nah, I’m not a violent person” he didn’t say anything “okay I’m done, shall we head inside?” he looked at me a last time and turned around “yeah, let’s do that, but I’d like to try it sometime though” I smiled feeling a little smug, this was yet another thing I had that he wanted in some degree.

“Sure, just let me put this away, and we will go up and start the fitting” I smiled sweetly at him, then went to retrieve my knifes, then went to my storeroom and motioned for him to follow me.

The look on his face when he saw my collection was priceless!

I laughed I couldn’t help it!

“I see you look at my collection, they are quite astonishing right? My beauties” I said the last part with love, purring, he turned slowly to look at me “why do you have so many?” his voice quiet “at first Jase forced me to buy them as means of protection whenever he wasn’t around, though now it’s more of an obsession” I shrugged “but they’re beautiful so it doesn’t really matter does it?”

I heard him mumble the word insanity quietly to himself and something else but he had lowered his voice too much for me to hear, even down here.

“Feel free to come by to play when ever. Now let’s go fix the last measurements for your tux shall we?” I gestured towards the door, “and just so you know this place is securely locked whenever I’m not down here, and you’re the only one except ‘family’ to know about this place” I think he likes to know secrets that only few others know about.

“I think I need something strong after this surprise” he said slowly I couldn’t stop from laughing gently “that’s okay just say what you want and I’ll get it for you” I knew he wasn’t one to go get drunk when the opportunity shows but I understand why he’d want something, you think you’re going to visit some loser girl who can’t even stand up for herself, then find out she owns a mansion, every type of alcohol, every weapon available, I mean who wouldn’t be shocked.

He hadn’t been specific about what he wanted just said it had to be strong, so I went and got him a whiskey on the rocks he was waiting in the east-wing sitting room sitting in the armchair like he was a king, WAIT WHAT?! I was thinking he looked like a king?!

Maybe I should go find something strong for myself too…

I went back to the kitchen to fetch myself a; double vodka with soda and juice.

I walked into the sitting room again to join him on the couch, he had downed most of the whiskey already, yeah, he needed it, bad.

I told him to go up into the sitting room on the second floor and wait for me there and then I walked off towards the stair down to my holy studio, I wanted this done the right way, so I needed my tools.

I walked into the library and turned for the stair that led down to my beloved.

I noticed some design papers lying around on the table and decided that he probably wouldn’t mind a little more time gathering his thoughts, and started to put the mess in order, then went to retrieve my measure tape and some pins and chalk, I grabbed my clipboard for notes and put everything on top of the box with the unfinished tux, I had to make do with a regular chair, when I needed to fix his pants.

I turn around to head back to the show room, and I freeze dropping everything on the floor.

What the fucking hell was he doing down here in my studio I had made it clear to him that nobody was allowed to go down here.

“What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” he took a step back shock crossed his face before he composed himself, but still shaken from the poison in my voice, “I… you were gone for a long time and I went to the library to look for you and I saw the stairs and went down then I heard sounds coming from behind the wall and I walked through the door without thinking and saw you dancing around gathering things while… you know, I’m sorry” he sounded like some 5 year old kid trying to explain to his mommy why he had gotten lost in the mall, well I wasn’t his mommy who maybe was worried, I was a furious woman armed to the teeth.

“I took my time for your sake! I was being considerate thinking that you might want some extra time to gather your thoughts, or run away!” that would definitely have been the wisest thing to have done, but I guess that looks and brains don’t come together.

Laughing at the revelation I had just made seemed like the only thing to do. But a normal person would probably have run as soon as I was out of the room, thinking I was some insane murderer wanna-be.

“Okay here’s the thing, now you walk out of here. You forget about everything you’ve seen today. You come here tomorrow and we do what we were supposed to do today. Shortly: Today never happened!”

He seemed to take in my furious state, tasting the atmosphere “very well” he turned to leave, clever choice boy!

My inner self were almost doing a happy dance but obviously I was still too pissed at him to be completely satisfied that I had won the discussion, well no surprise on my account, my anger was not something you take lightly and people seem to know that consciously or not.

I might consider getting this place secured so throughout that even a dust mole won’t be able to find a way in here even when the door is open!


I’ll fucking secure site, damn it no one is ever going to set foot in here again, not while I’m around argh I’m so pissed! How dare he?! I gave him specific orders not to go near the ground floor!

I’m going to finish his tux because I don’t ever do anything half, I finish whatever I start, but that’s that I don’t ever want anything to do with his horrendously arrogant, yet good-looking, ass!

God! I hate my inner hussy, why can’t I stop thinking of his god damn as?!

Well, I will stop thinking about his ass, I will put my mind to it and what he doesn’t know can’t hurt me.

His head would most surely grow at least three times the size it already is – as if it isn’t big enough in the first place.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because he’s never setting foot here again! I’m going to build a 40 feet high wall around the site HA! Try get past that.

I found some paper and a pencil and started doing sketches of the site and the wall I was going to have build, starting first thing in the morning.

I woke up feeling sore in my entire body, I stretched and noticed that I was down in my studio on top of tons of drawings of walls and security systems and calculations and what not.

Damn I must have been so god damn furious yesterday, worst part? I can’t remember.

Poor James, I’m not easy to be around when I’m furious for real, I actually can get really violent when I’m pissed off.

I gathered all my papers and threw them in the bin and took them with me outside, I set it on the ground a few meters from the house and set it on fire, I watched it as one little flame turned it into a burning inferno, “is it a bad time?” my head snapped up on the other side of my makeshift bonfire stood James and watched me “what are you doing here?” an edge to my voice, though it wasn’t intended.

“You told me to come here today and pretend yesterday didn’t happen” I looked at him stunned, had I actually said that?

“So… uhm... you know… I didn’t do anything to you?” he shook his head “no, you just yelled at me. A lot” I was surprised, that wasn’t like me at all.

“I actually wanted to apologize. I’m sorry that I broke your rule about going into your studio. I shouldn’t have gone in no matter what the circumstances were. I really truly am sorry” I could hear the sincerity in his voice, “well, that explains it then” he looked slightly confused “Explain what?” damn he was so perceptive sometimes!

“It explains why I can’t remember” I braised myself for his reaction, there were none “You can’t remember?” his voice quiet “no, I can’t remember. When I get really pissed I get amnesia, I can’t really remember anything at all from yesterday.

I will remember parts of it later though”.

“Wow” he says that a lot doesn’t he? But I then again what else is there to say? It wasn’t exactly normal.

“Well I guess now that you’ve seen my studio we can do the last measurements there, then I’ll also have all my tools.

He laughed “I was worried about telling you that I was sorry because after all you told me to forget everything about yesterday. Guess a lair of weapons is not easy to forget, but this is going way better than I had planned”.

I was positively chocked had I really told him or even shown him that? Damn now he knew more than I had wanted him to know! And how in the world did he act so calm about it?!

I made my body relax so I could calm down, doing anything in this state would probably end up in disaster.

1,2,3,4 - 1,2,3,4 - 1,2,3,4 breathing in and out I noticed that it was actually pretty cold and considering that I was only wearing black tight fitting pants and a thin T-shirt, in my own unique design, I was cooling down rapidly.

I looked at him and found that he wasn’t better off than I, wearing black jeans and a black dress shirt definitely wasn’t any warmer.

It was almost December and judging by the temperature it wouldn’t surprise me if we had snow coming soon.

I wasn’t a fan of the cold, I admit it is fun sometimes but for it to be acceptable it has to at least -20 degrees Celsius and three feet high snow all over.

But Christmas wasn’t one of my favorite holidays though holidays in general usually didn’t make me jump and do the happy dance, usually Taia and Felic go way overboard when planning an event and Sathea and Jase will back them up to the end claiming I deserve a real Christmas.

For me a real Christmas didn’t need a Christmas tree in every room, or every possible Christmas cakes that is ever known to man, or tons of presents, for me a real Christmas only had to be one thing, bring together the entire family. I was rather egoistical considering that I actually split other families apart on Christmas to have my own perfect Christmas.

Jase didn’t really talk with his father and his mother said that he should do what he felt was the right thing.

Sathea was adopted and had never known her real parents – her adoptive parents would probably never deny her anything so when she wants to celebrate Christmas with her friends they just wish her merry Christmas and ask when she’ll drop by again.

Taia was the typical rebellious child and she hadn’t spent Christmas with her family in years, always finding a reason to spend it elsewhere and of course now she had a more or less permanent excuse.

Felic had some problems with his family, them being a quite traditional family they wanted him to spend Christmas at home – they made a compromise he could celebrate Christmas with us but had to stay at their family’s house for a week afterwards.

We would usually go to Felic’s family for thanks giving because his mother was damn persistent and she sort of loved me, she actually once asked me if she could adopt me…

We would usually be going to Taia’s home for New Year’s dinner, at those dinners I had discovered where Taia’s habit of going overboard came from.

I was brutally brought back to the real world when James pinched my nose “ouch! Why did you do that?” he was smiling innocently at me “do what?” argh such a child “you pinched my nose! Why?” he shrugged but still smiling “you were spacing out I tried waving my hand in front of you it didn’t help, it’s cold out here and neither of us is wearing appropriate clothes for being outside when it’s nearly freezing” damn he was right “okay, let’s head inside”.

I wanted to get this over and done with and then we could talk after wards so I headed for the west-wing stairs motioning for him to follow me, I continued one down to the showroom and pulled the curtain, cowering the back wall, to the side and unlocked the door and walked into my most holy and beloved studio, he didn’t follow a cautious expectant look in his eyes “am I allowed to enter your studio?” he asked me sounding hesitant, probably not wanting to upset me again “yes, you’re allowed to enter my precious studio, but everything you see is getting you killed if you ever tell anybody about it. Am I making myself clear?” I wasn’t joking.

“Yes Sir, I mean ma’am” he said while doing a mock salute, I cocked my brow at him “seriously Diva, I can call you Diva right? Well, I understand. After the incident yesterday I’ll obey your rules, I was doubting if you actually stab me or something” he said shivering slightly at the memory I guess, I must have scared him real bad “I’m not going to lie, if you hadn’t turned and disappeared at the moment I won’t say that I’m 100% sure you would be alive by now” he seemed to grasp the seriousness of my words, he knew I wasn’t lying.

“Change of topic, this is way too serious after yesterday” he said with an apologetic smile “okay sure” I agreed smiling whole-heartedly back at him “come on I’ll give you the grand tour” I took a step to the side to let him pass “and remember to feel honored, after all you’re the first person to except myself to set foot in my studio” Taia would be furious that she wasn’t the first ‘outsider’, as she said when talking about my studio, to see it.

Now I practically didn’t have a valid reason to ban my ‘family’ from my studio, a total outsider had seen it and in my mind that was a 100.000 times more dangerous than the people I actually trusted… damn!

I grabbed my phone and send a text to all of them that now when they decided to visit they were allowed to go everywhere on the property, but still only in my studio when I was present.

A maximum of 30 seconds passed ‘I’m a bitch, I’m a tease’ “Hello?! Diva you there? Diva answer me!” I chuckled to myself “Yes, I’m here. Do you think I would have picked up if I wasn’t?” yeah, stating the obvious “oh, yeah – but what happened?! You’ll actually let someone in your studio?!” she was totally upbeat and squealing “Well, you remember James right?”  I asked knowing the answer “yes, but what does the douchebag have to do with it?” obviously she doesn’t like him “ehm… when I went down to gather my tools for the fitting, he sort of followed me. Unbeknownst to me until I was heading back up, and I got pissed so yeah…” I sighed “Oh My God! You don’t even remember the first time somebody was in your studio. – And hey! You promised that I was going to be the first person to see it” her voice was accusing “I didn’t really have a choice now did I?” how dare she?! She knew, probably better than anyone else, how difficult this was for me.

I suddenly remembered that I had company, and recomposed myself.

I didn’t want to behave rudely “Taia listen, you can come by whenever you feel like you know that. Right now I have company so I can’t talk. I’ll call you back later. Love you” I disconnected the call and turned off my phone, damn she would be a pain in the ass for the next, at least, two weeks.

“I’m sorry about that, I should have known that would happen” I said looking at James to see his reaction, he stood just inside the door and looked at me slight amusement coloring his eyes “it’s okay” he shrugged his shoulders . “Let’s get this over and done, and then we can talk” I offered “I really would like to know what happened yesterday” mostly to assure him and just as much myself that I actually wanted to talk.

Everything from yesterday was on the table so I didn’t have to run around gathering everything, so I went to fetch my special stool.

“Step up please” I gestured for him to proceed over to the stool, “this is knew” his voice mocking “yeah well, now I have easy access to all of my beloved tools, why not use them then?” and sure it was easier and more comfortable to work with the right tools but also because I longed to use them for what they were intended.

“You really want me up, shorty?” I watched get up on the stool, picked out a needle and put it in his calf he “OUCH!” he jumped and almost fell down, “asshole” that should teach him not to be a smartass.

30 minutes later we were done with the fitting of the pants, my unique design for his tux included a crisscross of red treads and the name Lucifer on the outside of his right thigh.

The same pattern being used on the dress shirt, I was going to finish it maybe later today, on the shirt it was to be at the left, bottom side of the front.

Laughing, he was laughing? “Care to share the joke?” he chuckled “yeah, my sisters a huge fan of yours, she would probably freak if she knew where I was. I mean she’s a fan of you as the designer of Lucifer, but also you as a person” wow… did that mean that there was one person in this wretched place that didn’t hate me? “Really? Because from my point of view everybody here hates me” again stating the obvious “she thinks you’re cool. She still bugs me with the man-whore thing, damn I wish you’d never have said that” I shrugged “hey, I was just stating the obvious, blame yourself for being an obvious no-good!” he shook his head slowly “ouch that hurt, I’m sorry that you think I’m a no-good and a man-whore”.

“Apology accepted” I smiled sweetly at him batting my eyes rapidly “you’re amazing, I was actually hoping to get you to say I’m sorry, but I guess that plan backfired huh?”

I enjoyed this conversation and I’m sure he did too, more or less.

“I’d have to agree with you on the part where you said I was amazing, and for the part of your plan backfiring, yeah you’re right, it did” now I was the one laughing.

“Hey, can I watch you work?” I looked at him considering how much of myself I wanted to expose to this stranger “yeah I guess you can watch me work, though I don’t know how exciting it is for a bystander to look at” slightly hopeful that he’d lose interest and find some lame ass excuse for going home.

“I’d love to watch you work” tough luck I guess “okay, your choice”.

About an hour later I had him in a finished tux, looking absolutely stunning!

“Now look at that, what is it they say? The clothes make’s the man right?” I circled him smirking looking him over to see if I’d missed anything, not likely but still best to be on the safe side.

I’m fucking awesome! You have to love yourself if you want the world to love you – guess the people of Glen Cove haven’t heard about that…

“I don’t know if I had to say something I’d say that I was looking quite handsome in the first place” he said and now he was smiling so much that he looked like some facelift- or Botox-addicted freak that never heard the word moderate.

“Yeah, yeah don’t get too high, your head might explode if it gets any bigger” I muttered the last part just loudly enough for him to hear.

“You’re such a bitch today!” damn him “yeah, well you bring out the best in me” I loved sarcasm.

“I’m going to go home now - I don’t want to spoil the rest of your weekend. I guess I’ll see you in school?” he looked at me waiting for an answer “yeah, but don’t you think people will find it weird if suddenly the most popular guy and the loser of the school are BFF’s?” he thought about that for some time “you’re right… well, they can go fuck themselves, you cool enough I’ll see you in school” he turned to leave “HEY!” he stopped “what does your sister looks like? How old is she?” he looked slightly confused “Jazlin? She’s fifteen, and you’ve probably seen her around the school, about your height, black curly hair, sometimes blue extensions, always, not to say only, wearing your design” I think I might have seen her, I’d have to keep an eye out for her “why did you want to know that?” I smiled “just wanted to get to know her, you know give her little bits of advice on how to make your life miserable” pew… thanks god for my ability to think up excuses in the blink of an eye, well… it wasn’t exactly a lie cause it would be a hell of a lot of fun to do exactly that, but anyway my main motive was making clothes for her too, I have actually had a lot of fun designing for James, and I’d like to make a lot of girls clothing too.

“Oh, please! As if she’s not a natural genius at that. And secondly that is so not fair because I can’t do the same to you” he rolled his eyes dramatically “anybody ever told you, life isn’t fair?”

“I do agree that a lot of things is unfair, but life itself is not that high on the list. I really do have to go now but good luck on having her making my life miserable” he winked at me and disappeared out the door.

I went to my desk and started doing random designs.

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