Life's not easy even when your mentallity is way older than you. Diva is the one behind the scene pulling the strings, but for some reason she can't seem to fit in, and everyone in her new scchool hates her, or so it seems. Who is the villian and hwo is the good guy?


1. Chapter 1

I had had enough of feeling like a victim to the insignificant thing called life.

I know I had sort of chosen not to have any friends but how I ended up being an outcast, the loser of the school was a mystery to me.

I was the one, people would pull, sometimes, mean pranks on for no reason what so ever.

I had my life hidden and I had no intension of revealing my other half to either one of my lives.

No I wasn’t some psychological freak who doesn’t know whom they are.

I just needed my life to be cut out in boxes of some sort, like, until now  I’d been hiding from the world afraid to let them judge me for who I am, so… well okay, maybe I am a little mental but then again, who isn’t ? Everybody is fucked up deep inside at least at some level.

My life as of yet had been rather successful in terms of career.

Considering my 17, soon to be 18, years of age, already having my own fashion line having 4, to say the least, brilliant stores had to be proof of that.

But that also was the cause for my fleeing away, I didn’t want the ruckus, the fame, the glitter and glam that followed being famous.

Here nobody knew me, sure they knew my clothes and sure some of them bought my clothes but nobody here tried to become some sort of fake friends with me just because I was famous or successful, no, instead they treated me like shit, like I was some sort of pariah.

I chose to move out here to get away from my life, but I had no plans regarding becoming an outcast with no friends at all, no I just wanted to have a life that wasn’t .

Now I’m attending high school in one of the New York suburb, more precisely Glen Cove high school in Glen Cove, officially I’m living here with Jase, in reality I’m living alone in an enormous house tucked away from civilization, sometimes I doubt that the citizens even know it’s there.

My moving here is rather sad cause, though as said it wasn’t exactly what I had planned, I don’t have a single friend in school, or town.

I missed my friends, Taia, Sathea, Jase and Felic they were my only friends, and also the ones running my stores, seeing as I was still underage and not legally an adult.

Jase was my appointed guardian after my parents died.

I really don’t care much about their death. We weren’t close or anything.

I never really saw them as my parents and now it is almost eight years since they disappeared on one of their journeys.

I had always been left alone even when I was a child so when they took off at the time when I was ten, I just said ‘okay, have a nice trip’ counting on them being home soon again, like always.

At the time I didn’t know that I would never see them again, not that it really made a difference though.

I had lived with Jase ever since somebody found out that I was left alone, and we had always gotten along extremely well considering our 10 years difference in age.

He was one of my best friends but also like an older brother.

But the kind of older brother you can tell anything and everything, who doesn’t tire of having to watch girlie teen-movies with you because you don’t have any girlfriends to watch them with, who don’t get annoyed by having to drive you anywhere and everywhere, the kind of brother you’d definitely hook up with if he wasn’t family, and yeah I know we weren’t related by blood but as close as we were, we might as well have been.

I don’t think my life at school would have been quite this torturous had it not been for the lack of my verbal filter, and my first day at school.

When I entered the school on my first day, I walked by a group of boys discussing something and laughing and giggling, now I think about it there must have been some girls with them too considering the giggles, and I was slightly surprised when I heard they were talking about the new girl.


--- FLASH BACK ---


I wasn’t nervous I didn’t see a reason as to why I should be.

I opened the door and walk inside, the group of boys to my left didn’t notice me, but kept talking, laughing and giggling, they talk about some sort of trophy I think.

What makes me stop is the two simple words new girl, how did they know I’d be here? Only the principal should know I’d be coming.

I could already conclude that I didn’t like them.

But… if they knew I was coming, what else did they know?

Did they know who I was and that’s the reason as to why they were gossiping like a couple of old women in a small-town nursing home.

Wanting to laugh at my own ridicules inner monologue, I listened  more closely to their conversation, slowing my pace down to get a chance to hear more of whatever information they may have acquired.

I didn’t like them one bit, “I’ll bet you guys 20 that she’s either a prude that won’t let any boys get close to her, or she’s a classical NY slut” I stopped dead in my tracks “she might turn out to be a muff diver” someone in the back of the group added with a laugh “EEEWWW!!” a girl with straight blonde hair and a ridiculous thick layer of make-up screeched, they started laughing uncontrollably again.

“Well, I think our Jam here should be able to have her begging within the month” they all turned to look at a boy, I’d say he’s about 6.2 pretty average build, light brown curly hair and a confident look on his face.

“I’d say that’s an insult” somebody standing next to him says playing hurt “I’d have her begging within the week!” his confident arrogance pisses me off, I’ll show them!

I turn slightly fasten my pace again, going straight for the guy, whom I by now, already hated.

Wow ---

His looks, his eyes, his everything! He was the epitome of beauty, sex, masculinity of everything.

His delicate yet hard clean-cut features surrounded be his long coal-black hair the black button-down shirt sleeves rolled up top-buttons opened, black tight-fitting jeans and matching converse all-stars.

He was downright edible.

NO! I won’t let myself get swayed by good looks I came over here with a cause!

“Hey, don’t you guys think it’s rude to judge someone you don’t know?” well shit!

That sounded way nicer than I had intended and by the looks of it, it didn’t really make a difference “well I guess it helps me out” I snickered internally now confusion colored some of their faces “now I know who this schools man-whore slash man-whores is/are I almost sneered the last part to make sure they heard my disgust.

The looks on their faces now was a mix of confusion and starting anger but also partly stunned, I suppose they weren’t used to people telling them a thing or two, proving my theory about them being the man-whores probably was a bulls eye, mainly because being the man-whore of the school often came hand in hand with being mister popular.

I didn’t plan on waiting for them to realize what exactly it was I had said to them, I wasn’t stupid.

Turning around I took of down the hallway towards the door with a sign saying ‘OFFICE’.

Yea needless to say, I was pretty satisfied with myself and my achievement.




They were the kings of the school and now they put effort into making my school-life miserable, and they were good at it.

People in town believed I was living with my brother, strange really considering no one had actually seen him.

I guess small-town people never change, possibly because nothing ever happens around here so when something does happen, it’s BIG!

But I still wondered why they didn’t find it odd that, a person that’s supposed to be living among them, has never actually been seen by anyone.

Taia had been by once to discuss some ideas for the store, she had refused for me to book a hotel suite like we usually did when discussing business claiming she was dying to see my new home, I had laughed at her enthusiasm.

I regretted that later when she send me a frog by express mail… it was so like her.

Sathea, Felic or even Jase hadn’t been by to see the house yet, but Felic was going to kick my ass if I didn’t invite him over soon.

I repeatedly told him to shove it up where the sun doesn't shine, and just come visit whenever.

Sathea and Jase was down to earth compared to Taia and Felic, though Taia was In a league of her own, with her flippant ideas she was never standing still!

When she was my age, you know 17, she suddenly decided that she wanted to dye her hair pink, and I must admit it looks awesome!

Taia was running one of my stores at ‘Fifth Avenue’.

That particular store has a huge collection of lingerie too - Jase always said it was too much, I don’t think he likes the idea of his ‘little sister’ designing those kind of things.

“Hey loser! Did you get you get that brother of yours to buy you those fancy clothes?” yeah… I had reached the school that much was clear “she must have slept with him to make him buy her that” some slutty blonde added with a sneer.

I had only been here for two months and it was already like this, I had told Taia what was going on and she planned retribution in style as she had said.

Of cause I got a laugh out of it because she made me text her, the name of everybody who insinuated anything and I did, just to see what she’d do.

To say the least, I was gasping for air when I realized just what it was she was doing - every time I wrote a name to her she send an untraceable frog, slug or something similarly disgusting to them by express mail. The first week nobody said anything but then when they each found out that they weren’t they only ones getting slimy animals they suddenly seemed much braver about it.

This had now been going on like this for a week and they had yet to figure out whom the culprit behind these slimy deeds were.

It had me doubling over in laughter thinking about I was the one controlling it, and thus I had some sort of power over them.

I had to give the girl some credit.

I was going to get her something great as thank you, and an extended vacation after this, she deserved it!

And if they knew I had this power, then I could see why they didn’t like me, but all I had done was tell them the truth that nobody else had dared to tell them.

I admit I did feel smug.

Of cause I would have had way more ‘power’ if I told somebody who I was, but that draw unwanted attention to me. 

had to figure out how to make them stop going out of their way to make my school-life a bitch, without letting them know who I was.

But them making rumors about me possibly being intimate with my so-called brother, was down-right hilarious.

He was handsome, hardworking and had a good personality, and it wasn’t that our age-gap bothered me or anything but to sleep with somebody I’d have to feel it.

For me, he wasn’t anything but a brother.

I passed closely by them and lowered my voice “no… when I do, I get nothing less than diamond jewelries” I heard several gasps behind me.

I felt immensely satisfied, though in the back of my consciousness I had a feeling thatI had just done something stupid, and I would probably regret it later.

Me and my god damn lack of a verbal filter.

When I reach the end of the day I’m pissed off! 

assure you I regretted my lack of a verbal filter and my habit of speaking before thinking it trough.

I’m heading home and I’m almost at my driveway when I hear someone moving behind me.

I’m furious! How dare anybody follow me?!

I quickly come to the conclusion that the reason I hadn’t noticed him before was because of my rage.

I turn around quickly and see him standing about 45 feet down the road


What does he think he is doing?

I’m furious with him for following me, but also a bit curious as to why.

“What do you think you’re doing? Do you want something?” my annoyance is evident in my voice.

Even though I try to hide it my anger is evident as well, who does he think he is?

“Well… I thought it was obvious that I was walking alongside the road” he said with light sarcasm, arrogance coloring his voice and a smug smile on his face.

“Thank you captain obvious, I would never have figured that out by myself!” he shrugs and starts walking towards me “you did ask” he says “guess I did, but you never answered my second question” I shoot back “and what was that” he ask now only about 20 feet away and still closing in “what. Do. You. Want?”

I repeat my question emphasizing each word “and don’t even think about making up an excuse like ‘I live here’ or some bullshit like that, I know you don’t live in this direction” I add before he has a chance to answer.

“Hmm… I guess I’ll go with the truth then” that would surely be a new thing coming from him my internal voice mused “so…” I gestured for him to continue speaking “I was following you” he states simply.

I’m dumbfounded and slightly amazed that he actually seemed to be telling the truth and that he was so open about it.

Wanting more information now is a good chance I think, I actually had him talking and at least partly truthful answers were coming my direction from a source I hadn’t been expecting it to ever come from.

“How long were you intending to follow me?” I wanted to get him to admit to whatever it was he had planned “I want to know where you live” again no embarrassment in his voice, just a statement of fact, plain and simple.

Yet again I was surprised but I wasn’t going to let him notice that “and what if I got something at home I don’t want you or anybody else to know about?” placing my hands on my hip and cocking my eyebrow.

He finally stops about 4 feet in away from me “that you sleep with your brother? Because I don’t think that counts as a secret anymore” smiling smugly again.

I laugh, I couldn’t help it “I… I… I can’t believe you guys actually believed that” he looked at me “so you don’t sleep with your brother? What a let-down” still laughing I’m trying to stand up straight “that would be rather difficult seeing as I’m an only child and my parents are supposedly dead” now he looks at me like I’m crazy or some shit like that “how can you laugh while telling someone that your parents are dead” slight disbelieve color his tone.

I look at him still giggling slightly “we weren’t really close when they were alive, and now it’s almost eight years since they disappeared” my explanation doesn’t seem to be enough reason for him cause he still looks at me with that odd look.

He looks to the left sigh deeply, an odd thing to do really “so who are you living with? Who is this said brother?” he looks back to me again, and now it’s my turn to sigh “I don’t want to discuss this here, follow me and I will explain to you at my house” I turn around and start walking “oh, and I’m not as bad as you make me out to be you know I can get you things you like” this seemed to pique is curiosity “yeah, like what?”


Now it’s my turn to be the smug one “like custom made one-of-a-kind articles from Lucifer” yeah well I won’t deny that I’m getting a big head now, but I sort of deserve it right? Huh? Huh?

“For free” I add just to rub it in.

I heard him walking again “and what do you want in return?” his voice slightly interested now, I’d be interested as well my brand weren’t cheap and a chance to get some for free, you ought to be stupid not to be interested.

“What I want in exchange is that you keep everything I tell you, to yourself! Nobody can know!”

He didn’t answer at once but seemed to have to think things through first “okay, deal” he said, in that same second my phone started ringing playing a remix of ‘I’m a bitch, I’m a lover’, now it goes like I’m a bitch I’m a tease I’m a goddess on my knees… and so on.

“Looks like you might get to know some of my secrets right now” he doesn’t say anything but keep walking, “Hey girl” Taia sound as up-beat as ever “hey there” knowing she doesn’t care if I ask what she want or not, I know what she want.

I have yet to text her todays ‘lucky-names’ “so…” she really had a lot of fun sending them disgusting things, and who was I to deny her, her fun?

“The same as usual, no double up on Collins” Mia Collins had been the course of today’s trouble, she was the one who indicated that I slept with my brother and she was going to pay for it.

Oh, this is going to be so fun” Taia squeals of joy “ehm… and you can let James off for today” no sooner have the words left my mouth she shrieks “WHAT?!” I almost throw my phone away before I go deaf she keep on yelling things which I can no longer make out “Taia! Taia shut up!” I yell back to get her attention so I can explain, at her end I hear an engine accelerate “Taia where are you going?! And for Christ sake slow down!” ugh… Now I’m in trouble lack of verbal filter remember? “Do you want me to tell Jase that you cursed at me?” she’s smug now, damn she can be such a child sometimes! I had broken one of my survival rules;

‘Do never til Taia to slow down!’

And I had cursed at her so she had something she could use against me. If Jase got a wink of this he ground me for a moth, and that meant that I had to come back to New York and live with him until he deem it okay for me to go back.

“No, I’m sorry I cursed at you, it won’t happen again” she didn’t answer me, maybe she wanted to think it through first, after all she loved getting others in trouble, and this time she would gain something from it, I had to make her promise that she wouldn’t say anything to Jase so what do you do? You offer something she wants “if you promise not to tell him you can stay for as long as you want to, I can even take days of from school and we can do whatever you want!”

Yeah I was desperate “deal, but I’m still coming over! I’ll be there in half an hour” without giving me a chance to get any say in the matter she disconnected the call.

Well I’m officially in deep shit!

There is no way James will just turn around and go home now, especially after this, so that means I’ll have to deal with both James and Taia, not exactly what I had in mind when I planned my afternoon.

I was supposed to make sketches for the new line of, baby and toddler, clothing line Taia and Felic had forced me to try, it was going to have a trial period in Felic’s store on Times Square in six months, so I had better get started.

“That conversation sounded a bit shady, and considering you talking about secrets, and then mentioning names I get the feeling that you very well could be the one behind the disgusting slimy animals someone has been sending around” I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a small giggle before answering “oh, finally somebody noticed, though I had hoped somebody was clever enough to notice that only the persons annoying or insulting me is getting targeted” he seems to think about it for a few seconds anyway he doesn’t answer straight away.

“So that’s it? Some sort of invisible revenge?” I giggled again that’s what he sums it up to? Revenge?“ Yeah I guess you could say that, but also because Taia enjoys messing with people, actually I had to stop her from sending you guys scorpions and snakes, I just don’t want to ruin her fun” I smirk to myself knowing that he must have realized by now that my friends are not to be messed with.

“Well thanks for the scorpion thing” he pauses shortly “so what you’re saying is, that if we stop picking on you and annoy you, you’ll have your friend stop sending us animals?” he asks, and I can hear hope underneath his voice, “yeah, or I’ll try at least – but you can ask her yourself, she’ll be here in 30 minutes, apparently” now he was the one laughing “I was determined to find something, but this is good! You are far more interesting than I thought” that was technically an insult but either way I think he meant it as a compliment “why thank you” I think he could hear my sarcasm underneath, well screw it, he can think whatever he want to.

“Here we are” Just we turned around the last curve of my drive way.

He didn’t say anything so I turned around to look at him “wow” a single word that’s all he said, I must admit my house is pretty amazing but I think it deserves more than one word.

“Want to see the inside?” it was clear in his expression that he hadn’t expected to find a mansion-like building out here.

“Yeah… I mean, Yes I’d like that” I giggled yet again, what was it with me today?

General rule; I do not giggle like some blonde bimbo!

It had to be the effect of his presence.

Damn him!

“Stop suddenly being so formal, it’s odd” I waved him off turned around and walked towards the house, if he wanted to know what the other buildings were for, he’d have to ask.

We entered the entryway, which actually could count as a sitting room in an average middleclass home, from there we went to the West-wing-stairs “for your information the ground-floor is off limits, nobody is allowed to go there not even my friends” damn straight!

My design studio was something private, I did have a showroom down here but that too is entered via a stair from the floor above.

If I let anyone in, no matter if it’s someone I trust or not, I don’t know what they might see.

Usually what you see you remember somewhere in you sub-consciousness and you might end up babbling about it in a drunken state.

NOT a scenario I will allow to happen.

My designs are original and my own, not some charity case for wanna-be designers.

On the first floor west-wing I had a sitting room, a bathroom, a spare bedroom, a library where the stair down to the showroom is located, and another stair to the floor above.

In the east-wing I had a huge kitchen, another sitting room, a dining room, a bathroom, and a spare bedroom and another staircase to the floor above.

On the second floor there was yet another sitting room that’s where my Grand Piano were displaying it’s beauty, my bedroom, a gym, Taia, Sathea, Felic and Jase’ bedrooms, and another two spares, each of these rooms had their own bathrooms.

I don’t really know why I have this many bedrooms, but I guess they’ll serve their purpose one day.

“Hmm… makes it all the more interesting” he mused “yeah, well it’s of limits”.

When I’d given him the tour of the west-wing we continued over to the east-wing, 20 minutes later we were back in the kitchen.

“You want something to drink?” I may not like him but I wasn’t rude “that depends… what do you have?” I think the question should have been ‘what don’t I have’ “just about anything.

You know, beer, wine, vodka, whisky, rum, bailey, water, juice, soft drinks, you name it” I was a bit smug, thanks to Felic my house was stocked with most anything drinkable and edible you could possible wish for.

In reality it was probably better stocked than any store, I gave myself a mental high-five for that one.

“That’s a surprise, you seem like the good daughter type, but okay then I’d like a beer”.

I went over to one of the depots where the alcohol is stored “what brand? I also have specials” he looks at me slight uncertainty in his eyes “are you sure it’s okay for you to take his liquor without asking? Are you even allowed to drink? You’re still underage” I had to laugh “who’s liquor? It’s mine” I couldn’t stop laughing.

“DIVA!” One thing is sure; you know when Taia is in the building “up here” I called back, “who’s Diva? You have a dog?”

James asked “nope” I answered popping the p “then wh---“, “DIVA RENATA ALLEN YOU HAVE 10 SECONS TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF!” Taia screeched as soon as she got to the top of the stairs.

I didn’t really know how to explain the situation so…

“Taia, James – James, Taia”

I gestured towards each of them “YOU BETTER FUCKING HURRY UP! YOU ONLY GOT 5 SECONS LEFT!” she went on still screeching so high that I think that only dogs would be able to hear it if it got any higher.

Yeah she’s pissed


I took a deep breath and tried to make my thoughts come together “Taia I ---” she stopped dead “wait, you said James, like in James Hunter?” she now stopped her advance towards me and turned to glare at James “wow, ease down lady” James said and raised his hands in some sort of defense, yeah like that could stop her if she truly wanted to cause you harm.

“Taia please calm down, I promise I’ll explain” she snapped her head towards me “you better!”

About an hour later mostly everything was cleared up, Taia had been absolutely furious when she found out that James wanted to find out what my secret was, and she hadn’t been happy with me that I had actually invited him here.

That James was shocked when he learned that I was the brain behind Lucifer, was putting it mildly.

But then again who wouldn’t be shocked about a revelation like that?

Taia excused herself to her room, and I showed James out giving him my number and telling him that he could write me if he wanted to come by and talk about the things I had promised to design for him.

Then I went up to Taia’s room, knowing she expect me to join her.

It has always been like that making me bath with her, kissing me by surprise and the likes of that.

I wasn’t into girls by any means, but I would never refuse Taia, she could probably rape me and I would still like her.

I loved sitting in the tub with her and washing her hair, and well, she loved me doing it so why not?

Our special relationship towards each other had also landed us in some seriously funny situations like that time at a club near Times Square, some creepy dude just wouldn’t stop hitting on me and coming with disgusting comments, Taia had made it clear to the man that he was to never again hit on her woman, and then showed me some wicked tongue techniques, damn she know how to use that tongue, I would never deny how much I liked her kissing me, cause she rocked at it!

“I told James he could come over sometime during tomorrow, I thought you might want to be present to, you know, stake claim” she seemed okay with it seeing as she humming sound, closed her eyes and didn’t take it any further.

“Your hair is clean now, what do you want for dinner?” her eyes flew open “pasta, no, salmon, no, steak, no, ugh! Why don’t you just surprise me? Seriously anything you make is fabulous!”

I knew she loved my cooking and I loved doing the cooking, and I enjoyed seeing her happy face when I made her favorites or something I hadn’t made before.

Oh, and just to be on the safe side, to be completely sure “you won’t tell Jase about me swearing right?” please say no “no, I won’t tell. But in return you have to let me stay here with you for at least a week. The others can easily run the store” YES! I mentally punched holes in the air “of course you can stay as long as you want” I think I’m safe, for now at least. 

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