Lilia returns to her home to find out it is being attacked. she rushes to help but ends up getting herself in a sticky situation.


2. The battle.


“Nice to see you Lilia. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I was lead to believe you weren’t home.”  

“Well I am now! So Bring It! And you will regret coming here.” We circled each other. My sword down at my side, ready to strike. He lunged at me but I was quick to react moving out of the way, hitting his shoulder with the flat of my blade. He rolled on the ground and then got up. “Nice work Lilia you’ve been  practising.”                                                                                                                        

 “I have a great teacher, I have trained for this. You seem to forgot, I’m a warrior.” I was unaware of the fighting around me, even more unaware of the gathering group, watching the battle. “You may be a warrior, but your still a princess, and a girl.” He lunged again catching the sleeve of my dress causing the fabric to rip. “Well that doesn’t matter, I’m a warrior before my title. I am more warrior than princess. I may have been born to rule, but my heart belongs on the battlefield.” I swung my sword around my head bringing it down on his foot. He let out a moan and laughed. “Your heart belongs on the battlefield, and your blood belongs spilled on it!” He ran at me ignoring his foot and raised his sword. He brought it down and collided with my own sword making a loud clashing sound and everyone stopped fighting and stared.

I was kneeling under the power of his sword. He was strong but I convinced myself that I was stronger. With all my power I pushed off the ground forcing him back a few steps. He grunted swinging his sword in another attempt to injure me. I met his sword with each swing. He went for my legs and I jumped over his sword. When I landed he punched me in the stomach I doubled over, struggling to grasp my breath. He stood on my arm removing my weapon, leaving me defenceless. He moved a strand of sandy blond hair out of my eyes. “I want you to look me in the eye, when I strike you with your fathers steel.” He grinned and I raised my hand punching him in his squared tight jaw. He kicked me making me lose my breath again. I saw the sun glinting off the sword as he raised it. My brother and sisters terrified face’s as I whispered. “It will be ok.” I knew it was a lie, nothing I could do now. I closed my eyes and accepted my fate.

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