Lilia returns to her home to find out it is being attacked. she rushes to help but ends up getting herself in a sticky situation.


3. Couldn't feel the cold steel.


When there was a loud clang and I never felt the cold steel my eyes shot open. I could see William’s dark curls in front of me, his sword level with Oren’s. He jerked his sword and both Oren and William went flying back. “Stay out of this William!” Oren raised his sword to strike me but met William’s weapon. “I gave the king my word that I would protect her with my life and I intend to do so.” He struck Oren’s shoulder, the sword implanting itself in his collarbone. Oran swore as he pulled the sword from his shoulder, throwing it at Williams’s feet. William picked it up wiping it clean on some grass, before turning to me. Grasping my hand he helped me up and whispered in my ear. “Finish him off.” I grinned as he handed me his sword. Oran pressed his hand on his wound and in his other he held his sword. “Make your mover, Princess.” His smile chilled me down to the bone.

 I looked around me. All my people were watching, the ones who were still alive. Their face’s filled with grief, all knowing if I lost, they would be killed or become slaves. I thought of all the people depending on me. I am only 17 and all their lives, were on my shoulders. I looked at the twins. Karen, a tall dark haired woman stood with them, her arms wrapping them close into her body. Their eyes were fixed on me, filled with tears. Their eyes begging me not to fight, but they knew I had to. Then I turned to William. He smiled weakly at me. I have known William since we were kids, we done everything together. We learned to fight together. He is my best friend and willing to give his life for mine. I looked at my parents lifeless bodies. I am now the person they all look up to. The one they rely on. I am their ruler and I need to protect them.

I tossed my sword in the air and caught it. I ran at Oran screaming. Our swords hit each other over and over again. My blade skimmed his arm slicing his skin. The blood dripped down his arm. He swore and struck my leg. I jumped but a little too late and the sword just caught my ankle.  I moaned but ignored the cut. We circled each other again. “Your move, Sunshine.” I lowered my sword giving him a clear view of my body. “What is she doing?” William muttered under his breath. I gave him a quick grin and turned back to Oren. He smirked and started for me. Before he hit me I moved out of the way. I kicked his back so he landed on his stomach, then I plunged my blade into his back. He let out a scream when I twisted the blade. When I removed my sword he stopped struggling and screaming. I brought the flat of my blade down on his skull to make sure he was dead. There was silence. 

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