Lilia returns to her home to find out it is being attacked. she rushes to help but ends up getting herself in a sticky situation.


1. Returning home.

I could hear the screams, screams of terror. As I approached the ledge of the cliff I could see my little village, fires set to the huts, people fighting for their lives. Without hesitating I jumped off the ledge onto a narrow path down the side of the rock. I began to run down the path, slipping on loose rocks. I could see a faded figure running out of the forest towards me, getting bigger the closer they got. Eventually I could see who it was, it was my best friend William. His face was cut and blood painted his top and stained his sword. “GO!” he tried to push me back up the ledge. “What’s happening? I need to help!” I pushed past him and he gripped my arm. “Lilia! Your father told me to keep you safe! Now come on.” He pulled me further up the walkway. “Alright right after this.” He turned to look at me and I punched him in the face, I felt his nose crack, then I kneed him in the stomach and took off towards my village.

I ran through the thin patch of trees that circled my home. The twigs snapping and catching at my light cream coloured dress. When I could see the clearing I ran faster, leaping into the clearing seeing the attackers. I looked around finding my father and mother on the ground fighting against two men before a silver blade struck down making their heads roll. I let out a blood chilling shriek before running to their sides. I threw my arms around their headless bodies, a tear ran down my face before I saw a man kicking down the door to my house. In his hands he held my twin brother and sister by their hair, they are just 6 years old and unarmed. I grabbed my father’s sword and ran. “Oi Oren! You know the rule. You start with the oldest and work your way down! I still stand so let them GO!” I stood my ground when he chuckled dropping my brother and sister on the ground.

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