The tears of a killer

Alison is a normal 15 year old, with a darksecret she hides. She is part of a completly different world and when she is ordered to kill someone she does as she is told. like she always does. But she cant take it anymore, but what will happen to her when her best friend is kidnapped or when she turns 16 and a mate comes to win her as his own... how far is she willing to fight to get her own way, how many orders will she disobey and how far will she go to save everyone she loves.


1. When the tears began to fall.

I sat in the forest on the cold stone floor, the autumn wind blowing through my long hair,The crisp leaves swirling all around me. I was all alone. I could not hear a sound not a bird or a whisper, even the wind made no sound. It was a dead silence. A silence so cold that it sent chills up your spine, I could feel the chill as it grinded over each bone. But yet I felt I was still being watched. But all that never mattered when my head fell to my knees and I began to cry. The tears ran down my cold cheek leaving red streaks. The tears stung and I was glad. Glad that no one could see me cry. Glad that no one could see the tears. The tears, of a killer.


I can still see all their faces it haunts me in my dreams, but this time it was different. This time I loved the person I had killed. I wish I could go back in time undo everything I had said and done. But you cannot undo the past and you can’t hide from it all you can do is run, and running can’t always save you from the things you do. And one day everyone has to face the consequences of their actions., even if they know it won’t end well, even if it wasn’t their fault.


That night in the forest I knew this more than ever. I could not fight the tears, I had been so strong for so long. The tears reminded me that I had feelings. That I was not just the cold blooded killer that I had been trained to be. All I have ever known was bloodshed and never had any questions. I was trained to kill but the deaths of so many had started to take its toll all because of this one person, I was afraid that I could not do the job that I trained to do. The only thing I was good at. The only thing I lived for, to kill.


I was supposed to protect our little town, but get rid of anyone who found out our secret. It didn’t happen often that someone found out our secret, but when they did someone was ordered to get rid of them and make it look like an accident. This wasn’t hard to do with my experience. Even though I hate my job the number one rule is do what you’re told without asking questions. But this time was the hardest person I had to kill, it was the person I loved.


I decided it was time I should go home, but I still felt like I was being watched. I stood up, wiped my eyes what were now red and blotchy from crying. I looked around. Now I knew someone was here I saw the shadow on the tree. I ignored it and just walked through the tall pine trees. Then the shadow what I had been watching from the corner of my eye moved. I could feel my heart start to race who was this stranger and why were they watching me and now following me? I continued walking, I started to pick up my pace to try and get rid of the stranger. Everything was still silent and then I heard a twig snap.


Before I knew it I was running. But instead of running away I was running towards the sound. I wasn’t scared anymore I was on a mission to find out who was following me and why. I ran faster and faster through the forest until I came to where I was sitting before. And standing in front of me was the stranger. I walked closer the stranger was in the shadows and he stood downwind, I couldn’t recognise him. Until he moved into the light and then I knew who it was.

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