The tears of a killer

Alison is a normal 15 year old, with a darksecret she hides. She is part of a completly different world and when she is ordered to kill someone she does as she is told. like she always does. But she cant take it anymore, but what will happen to her when her best friend is kidnapped or when she turns 16 and a mate comes to win her as his own... how far is she willing to fight to get her own way, how many orders will she disobey and how far will she go to save everyone she loves.


2. I am not weak!


“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING LEON” I paced back and forth waiting for an answer. I stopped and looked at him. I folded my arms across my chest. He went to speak but I interrupted him. “Were you spying on me, who sent you, why are you even here” he looked puzzled as if to say isn’t it obvious. He walked towards me. “What do you think? I’m making sure your ok and not hurt. I’m actually surprised you never noticed I was here until now. I have been here the whole time”


My mouth fell and I was annoyed. How did I not notice he was here? How did he know I was here? Only my best friend knows I come here when I’m upset and she would never tell anyone. “How did you know I was here?” I spoke quietly and looked at my feet which were playing with some leaves. “Ali I have been following you the whole time, I was sent to make sure you done your job properly. And I know you come here the whole time when you’re upset. It’s not just Leah who knows you come here.”


I was silent for about 5 minutes before he spoke. “I know this is hard for you but I am here for you and always will be you’re my little sister and I love you.” He put his arms around me and hugged me. I broke free from his arms and took a step back. He looked surprised.


The voice inside my head kept saying. He thinks your weak, a wimp and a coward. He thinks you’re not fit to do your job properly and neither does the elders why else would they send him to make sure you done your job? “Stay away from me Leon. I know what you’re thinking that I’m venerable and need looking after but I’m not I’m 15 years old and can look after myself.” I stared into his eyes and before he could say anything I ran off through the trees. “ALISON COME BACK!!”  I could hear him shouting but I kept on running until I couldn't hear his voice anymore. I kept on running trying to resist my instinct but there was only one person who I wanted to see the person I was running to. Leah.

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