Sucumb to tricks of weakness

She knew the rules of the game. She knew what losing meant. Yet she broke the rules and admitted that she was not strong enough, she admitted to having a weakness.


1. Unexpected outcome

I went slowly towards the old mansion. I hadn’t been here since, well honestly I didn’t want to remember the last time I was there, the only time.

 After all, the last time I was there, I wasn't of my own free will, now was no real difference.

 Well... I did decide on my own that I would go there, but still...

Last time I was moved there while being more or less unconscious, now I was forced to look for the owner of the mansion for a whole other reason, to seek him out.

To seek him out I was now confronting Alec.

My desire to overpower any weakness I may pocess, had only grown stronger over the years, now it had come down to pure lust to show him that I had no fear.

What I wouldn’t dare tell him, or anybody else for that matter, was that my actual fear for him, for Marcus, was playing quite a big part in my game.

Even though I won’t ever admit it,


I was very afraid of him.


In my game fear is a factor not to be ignored or downplayed.

because if you do you lose, but you’ll be sure to lose if you let fear control you.

Show a tiny bit of your fear, and in this game you'll lose, and to lose - is to die.

I was going to find Marcus to destroy him, to destroy the only thing in this world that, unbeknownst to me at this point in time, caused me the most strength and power.

Not many think about it, but the only thing stronger than love, and the closest thing to ultimate power is,




If you consume yourself in hate, you don’t have a weakness to destroy you.

Love on the other hand gives your opponent a huge advantage.

You may get power from the feel of need and want, to protect your loved ones, but that also gives your opponent the opportunity to get a hold of your weakness.

When, and if, they harm your loved ones, most will hesitate and think about ways to save those loved ones, and that gives your enemy a chance for direct attack.

I was getting anxious about seeing Alec again, after all our last encounter wasn’t exactly a quiet one, we had quite a fight, both verbal and physical, it all ended with me hissing an assault at him and swearing that I’d either kill him or commit suicide (hadn’t thought that last one through at the time) before I would see him again.

Now when he was in the picture, everything changed and it wasn’t like I especially enjoyed having to see him again, and it was going to be somewhat of a trial to do this in a peaceful manner.

After all he was my farther in a way, well not biological, but now he was what you could call a farther, or the deciding figure, the man, in my life.

The first time I saw him he was with him, I didn’t know anything about either of them, that changed really fast.

A few days after I woke up in the mansion before me, i was told that my life now were the property of Alec Lamia.

Needless to say I was furious!

I had never belonged to anyone before and surely I had no intension of changing that.

I had a fairly free upbringing, I was always taught to stand tall and never let other peoples meanings get me down.

I was taught to believe in myself and do what I think is right.

What they told me at that time went against all of my principles, because if you look at it black on white, they told me that I had no other option than to obey whatever orders they gave me.

Finally I went in, not bothering to open the gate I went over it, landing gracefully on the other side, quickly I went up to the front door, before I even touched the door, I heard his voice

“Melantha, long time no see,  are you here to kill me? Or maybe you want me to witness your pathetic attempt at suicide?”

I paused slightly before entering the hall, then I spoke back to him

“I’m here, to neither kill you or myself, am I correct if I dare make the assumption that you already knew that? I dare say that you also have a fairly good hint about why I’m here seeking your knowledge?”

I hear him chuckle and like a breeze in the summer I feel something brush my bare neck.

I don’t move an inch I won’t show him any ounce of uncertainty I may have.

I know he will take any chance I give him, to regain his power over me.

“That is partially correct, but no I don’t have hints as to why you’re here, I know what information you are here to acquire, but do you honestly think I’m going to give it to you without getting something in return?”

I kept silent not wanting to look nervous but rather having him think, that I rethink my options.

That I try to figure out what price he would want the most, and he knew what ending Marcus would mean to me, so I figure that he wants a great price for his information whatever it is.

I know that whatever information he got he won’t be giving me all of it, only what he thinks is necessary or what he deems worthy in exchange for my sacrifice.

“I will give you whatever it is you desire, be it myself or anything of this world”

Finally I got those words out, I have done lots of difficult things in my life, but offering myself may prove to have been the hardest thing yet.

“That, my dear, is a thrilling offer, I’ll give you the information you desire, and as my price I will take your everything”

I saw the wicked grin I remembered from that long time ago, play in his eyes.

Finally I open my eyes

“I accept”

Two small words, but carrier of a consequence that could be more server and horrifying than anything imaginable.

I get slightly surprised when the wall of black satin furthest back suddenly falls to the floor, revealing none other than Marcus.

Marcushanging there in silver chains unable to move even the slightest.

I just stand there looking at him frozen in part surprise and part horror, ”weakness is fitting for you bitch” he spat at me while looking at me with those icecold eyes, and yet I still saw a burning fire.

Before I had time to think about it, I stood with Marcus’ head in my hands and Alec’s arms around my waist purring in my ear;


“This, my love, is my wedding gift to you”.

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